Recently, the impact of online consumer reviews has increased. These reviews help people decide which products or services they should buy, which companies to encourage. We cannot therefore ignore them. These opinions guide the choice of 93% of consumers and more than 80% consult them with the specific idea of buying a product. So let’s talk about the importance of these reviews online.


The Web has several platforms for evaluating businesses. According to the company Review Tracker, Google, with nearly 63% of reviews, is by far the most requested. Facebook follows 19%, TripAdvisor 8.4%, Yelp 6.6% and a few others. It should be noted that Facebook offers a large window to businesses, with 1.5 billion visitors daily.

In this context, the entrepreneur will want to exchange with his customers in order to maintain their satisfaction. In fact, almost 89% of users read the responses from businesses. According to Sprout Social, media software specialist, when the company responds to customers, it retains 65% of them. In addition, the ratings or stars obtained for products and services also influence purchasing decisions. Studies show that more than 50% of consumers will not adopt a company that scores less than 4 stars. According to the Spiegel research center, the best-selling products have a score between 4.2 and 4.7, a threshold which, according to experts, represents the point of credibility.

The Positive Impact of Reviews on Businesses

A study by the marketing agency RevLocal mentions that a positive opinion can increase conversions of a product by 10% while a hundred would increase this rate to 37%. For the constructive aspect, let the figures speak and their source:

– Each review on Facebook increases sales by around 2.5%. (RevLocal)

– Customers spend 31% more on a business that receives good reviews. (Martech Zone)

– One more star in Yelp leads to a 5 to 9% increase in revenue. (Harvard Business)

These statistics come from the Bright Local marketing platform:

– For 49% of consumers, the number of online reviews is a decision factor in the purchasing process.

– 72% of buyers will not choose before reading the reviews.

– 91% of 18-34 year olds trust online reviews as much as recommendations from family or friends.

– 15% of users do not trust businesses without notice.

The Negative Impact of Reviews on Businesses

Unfortunately, it happens that among the online reviews slip some negative ones. Obviously, their reach can damage the company’s reputation. To this end, the various sources cited above raise the following points:

– A single negative opinion can make approximately 22% of customers flee and 3 dissuade 59%.

– Negative reviews prevent 40% of consumers from adopting a business.

– More than four negative reviews can lower sales by 70%.

– Only 13% of users plan to use a company with a rating of less than 2 stars.

Others impacts

These online reviews also have an impact on search engine optimization (SEO). To understand the impact of SEO reviews, you need to understand the basics of search ranking. Search engines classify websites based on perceived reputation, which in turn is based on several factors such as the age and depth of a site. These engines determine authority in part on the basis of links to your site.

By having lots of reviews online, your business receives backlinks from authoritative websites, like Google and Facebook, and the fact that you encourage customer reviews improves your positioning on those platforms.

But beware, because negative reviews can also damage the company’s reputation and profitability. And not just with customers, since job seekers use social media or Google to pre-screen companies. The bad reviews therefore leave skeptical a possible skilled workforce so much sought after today.

In summary, online reviews influence consumers’ decision-making and increase their confidence in a product / service. In addition, they allow you to maintain the positive by staying in touch with your customers. However, who says happy customer says probability that he spends more, thereby increasing your income. In this era where technology promotes exchanges with its customers, the concerned entrepreneur will therefore make every effort to gain customers and not lose them.

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