It's all about the perspective

You probably think you already offer everything your clients would ever want or need. Well, we doubt it. The reason is that most businesses we’ve encountered don’t have the right perspective in mind. They overlook the fact that clients don’t buy products/services, they buy end results. Your clients buy the end result that they believe your product/service will give them.

A client that buys an insurance product, for example, doesn’t really want the insurance product. He buys the convenience and safety that the product will bring him.

Give your clients a better end result

Once you get the right perspective, it’s easy to think of news products/services to offer. The key is to keep your client’s desired end result in mind. Then, think of products/services that help them achieve that end result.

A client that buys a website from a web company, for example, probably don’t care about the website itself. The real end goal he has in mind is to increase the visibility for his business. Once the web company realizes that, it’s easy for them to find more services to offer. Maybe they could offer a web marketing service, a Google/Facebook/Yelp page creation service, a basic web marketing formation, an SEO service, etc.

As Jay Abraham, one of the best marketing consultants in the world, says in his book “Getting everything you can out of all you’ve got“:

“If you keep your client’s desired end results clearly in mind, you can almost always add products and services that help clients achieve their end results more completely, conveniently, and efficiently.”