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Retain and attract more patients by offering an exceptional customer experience

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InputKit is a patient experience software that automates your satisfaction follow-up process to maximize your patients' potential

InputKit helps several dental clinics in Canada

Offer an exceptional customer experience.

After the end of an appointment, your patient receives a satisfaction follow-up (survey) by SMS or email. The goal is to make sure that they are completely satisfied.

Ensure complete patient satisfaction

Show your patients that their satisfaction is your priority

Retain more patients

Keep your patients and get more referrals!

100% automated

We integrate to Dentitek or any management tool

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Be proactive and avoid losing customers

As soon as an unhappy customer or problem is detected, receive a notification that allows you to be proactive in dealing with an unhappy customer.

Notification to the right person

Take action upstream

Take action when it's still hot, before it gets out of hand.

"Customers are amazed to see the speed at which they are called. It really is a WOW effect!"
- General Manager, Les Spécialistes de l'électroménager

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Attract more new patients

Take control of your Google reviews. 82% of new patients read online reviews before choosing a new dental clinic.

3-10x more reviews

Collect up to 3 to 10x more reviews per month, guaranteed.

Make work easier for your patients

With the single click of a button make their task easier.

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Evaluate and motivate your employees

Evaluating your dentists, hygienists and dental secretaries has never been easier. Simplify your work and make decisions based on real facts.

Empower employees

Hold your employees accountable for the customer experience they provide

Adapt their remuneration

Possibility of offering bonuses to the most successful for example.

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Tarification simple et adaptée

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