How it works

Step 1

Connection to your current systems

We can integrate with more than 1000 different applications, including: Zapier, Servex, ServiCentre, Medexa, ClinicMaster, Orion ERP and many others.

Step 2

Automated surveys

Satisfaction surveys sent to the customer following a service, by email or SMS.

Step 3

Custom survey

Get honest feedback from customers and catch dissatisfied customers immediately.


Evaluate and improve your customer experience

Measure the quality of your services to improve your customer experience.

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Increase customer retention and convert detractors to promoters

Be proactive and avoid losing customers

Identify your unhappy customers in real-time, take action quickly and increase your retention!

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Be the #1 choice of potential customers thanks to your online reputation

3-10x more reviews each month, guaranteed!

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collect 3-10x more Google reviews automatically

Evaluate and motivate your employees

Evaluating your employees has never been easier. Simplify your work and make decisions based on real facts.

Know what's going on

Based on your customers' feedback, see what is really going on in the field.

Make employees accountable

Hold your employees accountable for the customer experience they deliver.

Adapt their remuneration

Possibility of offering bonuses to the best for example


We take care of everything for you, it's turnkey.

Unlimited support included

In completeconfidence.

Trust the opinions of companies like yours.


Your feedback helps us serve you better.

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