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Service companies and multidisciplinary medical

15% by email

Average response rate

49% by email57% by SMS


Increased reviews on Google and Facebook

3 to 10x on average

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Net Promoter Score (NPS)

Satisfaction indicators available

Net Promoter Score (NPS)Customer satisfaction score (CSAT)Customer Effort Score (CES)

None, you even have to ask for the customer's name

Customization of email / SMS and survey

Email, SMS and surveys customization:Client nameLocation visitedType of service receivedEmployee(s) who served the customer


Detection of unhappy customers

Real-time detection and notification. Increase customer retention and convert detractors to promoters.

Limited service. You are among their 5 million users

Service included

Full set-up and unlimited assistance, in French and EnglishHours banks available to further help you with the management of your account.

Feedback report

Available reports

Feedback report.Employee performance report.Store performance report.Departmental performance report.Indicator progress report.

Yes, if you know how.

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Yes, this is our specialty.

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Starting at $1,500 per year per location.

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