Proactive detection of unhappy customers

Increase customer retention and convert detractors to promoters

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Be proactive and avoid losing customers

As soon as an unhappy customer or problem is detected, receive a notification that allows you to be proactive in dealing with an unhappy customer.

Notification to the right person

Take action upstream

Take action when it's still hot, before it gets out of hand.

"Customers are amazed to see the speed at which they are called. It really is a WOW effect!"
- General Manager, Les Spécialistes de l'électroménager

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Act quickly, win back customers

Customer's feedback is accessible, with a summary of the situation and the client's contact information.

Work in team

With each case's status, the whole team will be able to follow the progress of the cases.

Fix the situation

When you quickly take charge of a problem, unhappy customers are likely to become your best Promoters.

"Our unhappy customers are amazed at how quickly they are called after completing the survey. Not only do we resolve most situations, but we convert them into our best promoters!"

Robert Dubé

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