Provide more and better services to your clients

Grow your business by providing outstanding services:- Reviews generation & management- Customer feedback- Customer satisfaction management- Cross-sell (to get new opportunities from current customers)

InputKit offers a white-labeled solution to help agencies and freelancers make more money by offering more and better services to their clients.

"Out of all the programs, tools, WP plugins and personal time I’ve put into review management, InputKit is by far the best, and easiest to use."- Brandon, agency owner

InputKit bring a lot of value to your clients

We have a strong track record of success with companies just like your clients. You can see our case studies for real-life examples.


Authentic Customer Reviews

On average, businesses get 381% more online customer reviews with InputKit.


Potential sales with current customers

On average, 14% of customers are interested in at least one additional product/service.


NPS score increase

On average, businesses increase their Net Promoter Score by 16 with InputKit.

InputKit for your agency

Bring more value to your clients

"InputKit allows me to offer a new service to current clients and to new clients as well. I can use that as a foot in the door to offer other services. InputKit led me to add more value and offer a new service to my clients. For some clients it allows me to add more value and stop them from leaving, and it allows me to charge more."

Do more in less time

"I used to spend at least 2 hours each month for each client... It took a lot of time and caused a lot of frustration and many give up in the end. With Inputkit, I now do the job better and it takes less than 10 min per month. It has automation and integrations of all elements of my biz (survey, reviews, referral and cross-sell) and the ease of having all in one place. I can spend time with fam or have more time to go to cinema."

Grow your business

"We now use InputKit as it does a better job, it makes the process more efficient and takes less time to implement. We now have more time to allocate to better tasks to grow the business"

Tools to help your clients better

Satisfaction survey

Get honest feedback from your customers. Average response rate of 45%.


Increase your sales with your customers who already trust you.

Online reviews

Improve your web presence and SEO. Convert prospects who are watching you online.

Feedback reports

Understand your customers, make better decisions.

Unhappy customers detection

Quickly detect unhappy customers before it’s too late.

Net Promoter Score

Measure and track your Net Promoter Score for exponential organic growth.

Customer testimonials

Get testimonials from your best customers.

Impact of employees

Identify the impact of each employee on customer satisfaction.

All-in-one platform

Manage reviews, surveys, cross-sales all in one place. InputKit's API integrates with 1000+ CRMs so you can deliver results easier and faster.

“InputKit has automation and integrations of all elements of my biz (survey, reviews, referral and cross-sell) and the ease of having all in one place”

A seamless addition to your existing services

InputKit enhances your SEO and SEM solutions to increase your revenue per client and improve client retention.

Start growing with InputKit today

Frequently asked questions

We connect to any review site possible, even if it’s very specific ones like HomeStars, Houzz, etc. You simply add a custom URL leading to the review page.

Yes, each client account is separated from the others. You can also give your client access to the software with their own user account.

Agency accounts let you handle multiple InputKit accounts for different clients under one main account. We have lots of agencies using InputKit to provide a better service to their clients.

A sequence is just like a web funnel containing multiple web pages (steps). With InputKit, you build your customize sequences by adding the steps you need. The steps available at the moment are: Satisfaction survey, Online reviews, Cross-selling, Referrals. We will add more steps as we go.

No, you can cancel anytime. Our goal is to help businesses grow. We don’t want to keep an unhappy customer just because we have a contract. We want customers to stay because they love our software and they get great value out of it.

Our mission from the get-go has been to help companies grow by automatically getting more out of their current customers base. Compared to other software, we offer multiple tools to deliver on that mission: Customer satisfaction surveys, online reviews, cross-selling and referrals. We’ll add additional tools as we go to always deliver on our mission.

In addition, we believe in thinking differently by making our products beautifully designed, simple to use, and user-friendly. Most of our users chose InputKit over the competition for its ease of use, its beautiful design and our 5-stars customer service.

Yes! To get started with Zapier Integration, use this link.

We provide great support Monday – Friday 8 AM – 8 PM EST.