Tire center

Sector of activity



40h per month

of management time and follow-up saved


more Google reviews collected per month


Level of customer satisfaction since InputKit implementation


Positive feedback shared with staff per month

« Before InputKit, I had to spend several hours on the phone to get feedback from customers. It was difficult to improve customer service, since dissatisfied customers did not dare to give us feedback. Many of them looked happy and left the garage without daring to call us back, because they were perhaps too embarrassed to tell us about their dissatisfaction. This happens more often than we think. For example, at least eight out of ten clients did not tell us when they were dissatisfied. Now, with InputKit, I can analyze customer needs with automated surveys in minutes. It saves me about two hours of follow-up and management time per day. Thanks to the reminders implemented in the solution, we also get about five times more Google reviews than before. At InputKit, there is always someone to help us. The proposed surveys are simple to use and automated. I couldn’t live without it. »

-Alain Gauthier, Communications and Customer Service Manager at Point S - Pneu Carignan

Customer's testimony, in French :