Déménagement Sam Denis





Residential and commercial moving

Activity area

Magog, Québec



Monthly Google reviews


Response rate (by SMS)


Increase in NPS

The solution.

24 hours after each move, a satisfaction follow-up is automatically sent to the customer by SMS. Automation is possible through a connection to the iCloud calendars of the moving teams.

When a problem or an unhappy customer is detected, the business owner is notified and can act proactively, before the situation escalates.

The owner also evaluates his employees. Finally, he can clearly and precisely evaluate the work carried out by them on the field. This allowed the company to adjust its compensation in order to reward employees who have a positive impact on customer experience.

Before starting, the company was getting around 3 Google Reviews per month. Since they started using InputKit, they’ve been getting around 10 each month.

A few words from the client.

“Before InputKit, we called every customer after the move to make sure they were happy. We couldn't reach them all, we disturbed them at work and it took us up to 1 hour of work, every day. I wasn't always able to tell when a move had gone wrong. To get Google reviews, I depended on my employees to ask clients and I always had to remind them to do so. Since we have the InputKit solution, it's so much simpler and more efficient!! The customer automatically receives a SMS, which he can reply to when he has 2 minutes. We no longer disturb them and we save at least 4 hours a week! I now have a pair of glasses on every move, how it went. If the guys show up late or forget to put the carpet at the customer's entrance, I know it right away and I can make sure it doesn't happen again. I send the guys the positive feedback and they are much more motivated and provide better service. It allows me to provide better customer experience and it pays off !! Our team has grown enormously and InputKit allows us to keep control over the quality of our service. We get 3 times as many Google reviews per month, and I don't have to give bonuses anymore for that and need to remind them constantly. The system does it for them. We reached 4.9 / 5 with 120 reviews, which gives customers confidence and increases our sales. Before starting with InputKit, I was hesitant about its pricing, I found it a bit expensive. It's been 6 months and I do not regret at all, we have an excellent return on investment!”

Samuel Denis

Président, Déménagement Sam Denis