20 employees


Canada - Ontario

Although they knew how critical reviews were for growing their restaurant, the owner simply did not have the time nor know how to effectively ask their customers for reviews online.

They now use InputKit to improve their online presence and measure customer satisfaction. They used to get less than 2-3 reviews per month. Since they started using InputKit, they now get 10-15 reviews per month.

To achieve that, they:

  • Leave printed cards on tables with a feedback link
  • Customers enter the link on their smartphones
  • They give their feedback
  • When they loved the food/service, they get asked to leave a review online


Monthly Customer Reviews


Unhappy customers detected

The sequence they use

Printed cards on the tables

They leave printed cards on the tables with a URL link on them. They’ll probably make the link a QR code to make it easier for the customers.

Quick satisfaction survey

Customers can enter the link on their cell phones to access the quick satisfaction survey.

Ask for reviews (Only if the customer is happy with the food & service)

Based on his feedback, InputKit knows if the customer is happy or not. If he’s happy, InputKit will automatically ask to leave a review online.

If the customer did not like the food or service, the restaurant owner will get a notification by email. He’ll then have the opportunity to learn from that and, when possible, reach out to unhappy customers to win them back.