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The solution.

When the technician completes a service/installation at a customer’s home and changes the status of the work order in Servex (service calls software), a satisfaction follow-up is automatically sent to the customer by email or SMS.

When a problem or an unhappy customer is detected, owners are notified in real-time. They call the customer to find a solution, before sending the invoice to the unhappy customer.

InputKit automatically redirect customers to leave a Google review.

A few words from the client.

“Our goal was to call all customers following a service or installation to ensure their satisfaction. The problem is that during the summer, the phone does not strop ringing, we don't have time to do these follow-ups. We would have had to hire someone 3-4 hours a day just to do that. Since we have InputKit, follow-ups is done automatically as soon as the service is done. We know immediately if the problem is solved. If this is not the case, it helps to resolve the situation before sending the invoice and avoids further frustrating the customer. It helps us in terms of account receivables, customers pay much more fluidly. With the new clientele that we do not know, it allows us to have their feedback and we realize that we did not really have their feedback and that we were losing clients. With the InputKit alert, I was able to call and already reconvert 2 customers who thought they were going to shop elsewhere. InputKit helps us increase the retention of this new clientele. Before, I also wanted to ask happy customers to leave us a Google review, but it's embarrassing, it felt like soliciting. With InputKit, it's done automatically and we get 5x more reviews per month, it's easy and we love it!”

Guillaume Blin

Owner, FunTime Pools & Hot Tubs