Portes et Fenêtres Boulet




Residential and Commercial Doors and Windows

Activity area

Sorel-Tracy, Quebec



Monthly Google reviews


Response rate by email

The solution.

InputKit automates their customer follow-up process after installations, deliveries, service calls and sales meetings.

Before starting, they were getting around 1-2 Google / Facebook Reviews per month. Since they launched InputKit, they get around 5-6 / month.

They get the pulse of customers in real-time. When an unhappy customer is detected, the responsible person is notified in real-time in order to respond to the situation quickly.

A few words from the client.

"Before we had InputKit, we didn't have anything systematic in place to ensure customer satisfaction. When the situation of an unhappy customer came to my ears, the customer had walked around the office and it was already too late. It was almost impossible to correct the situation and it often went badly rated on Google and ended up costing us dearly. With the InputKit real-time alert, I know it right away when a file is hot. It allows me to be proactive, to dispatch to the right department and to resolve the situation upstream before it escalates. There are a lot fewer middlemen and I finally have the unfiltered client version. We save at least $ 15,000 per year in waste of time, stress, badly managed files, bad reputation and more. We've always had trouble with Google reviews, asking customers to leave some on our page. Since we have InputKit, it's done by itself and we receive 3x more than before. Our Google reviews give us credibility and customers find us a serious company when it comes to doing their research. Just that, it's worth the investment!Customers also like to have their pulse taken, to ensure their satisfaction."

Alexis Boulet

Director, Portes et Fenêtres Boulet