100 employees



Although they knew how critical reviews and customer satisfaction were for growing their business, the owners simply did not have the time to follow up with every customer at the right moment.

They now use InputKit to increase customer retentions, increase sales and increase online presence. To achieve that, they:

  • Send, at specific moments, satisfaction surveys to make sure their customers are happy with their services
  • Cross-sell additional services and to their current customers
  • Collect online reviews and testimonials from their happy customers


Unhappy customers detected before leaving


Customers are interested in at least 1 additional service

Maintenance customers (lawn, hedges, etc)

At the half of the summer season (early July) they send a quick satisfaction survey to make sure their customers like their service so far. If a customer is unhappy, the company gets notified instantly by email to let them fix the problem before the end of the season. This gives the company the opportunity to fix the problem before the contract renewal time. It helps them deal with issues quickly before they become major problems causing the customer to leave.

At the end of the season (around September, just before sending renewal contracts to customers) they send a satisfaction survey to make sure they were satisfied with the service during the summer. If the customer is happy, the company offers additional service that the customer might want to add to his renewal contract (they simply show a complete list of their services). Every time a customer is interested in an additional service, the company gets an email so they can add it to the renewal contract. The company also asks for a review on Google and Facebook.

Landscaping services

For individual projects, the company sends a satisfaction survey at the very end to make sure the customer is happy. If it’s the case, the company asks that customer if he’d like maintenance services (lawn, hedges, etc) and asks for a review online.

On the other hand, if the customer is not happy, the company gets a notification so they have the opportunity to fix the problem.