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Optimize your customer experience with our Customer Survey Software

Following a lived experience or a service rendered, send automated and personalized satisfaction surveys to better understand the needs and expectations of your clients towards your company. It will allow you to stand out from the competition while offering an exceptional customer experience. Implement InputKit, the customer survey software used by more than 1000 businesses all around the world!

Improve your customer experience by sending automated and efficient customer surveys

Create fully customized questionnaires based on what you want to evaluate

With our customer survey software, create your own customer satisfaction surveys based on the metrics you want to evaluate within your company. Customer Satisfaction (CSAT), Net Promoter Score (NPS), Customer Effort Score (CES), employee performance, and more: These fully personalized satisfaction surveys will give you a true picture of the quality of your organization’s customer experience.

Want to create the perfect survey? Use our satisfaction survey tool to customize your surveys based on your company’s colors, customer name, service received, metric to evaluate and more! With our customer satisfaction software, you will be able to question your customers at the right time, with ease, in order to collect valuable data. Note that our team of experts is in charge of creating your surveys when implementing the solution. This way, you will benefit from our expertise to maximize your peace of mind. This is a necessary asset to improve your customer experience!

Select your sending method of your choice and automatically send your surveys at the right moment

Through our customer survey software, choose the method of sending your choice, either by SMS or email, then schedule the sending of your customer satisfaction surveys in a completely automated way. InputKit follows best practices: we suggest that you send your surveys automatically one to two hours after a lived experience for accurate and informative feedback.

Our solution with an average response rate of 57% per text message (SMS) and 49% per email ensures you get valuable feedback, no matter which platform you choose. This automation of your processes, along with a centralized dashboard and real-time notifications, will allow you to quickly and efficiently manage your satisfaction questionnaires while minimizing customer dissatisfaction. Be proactive: implement our customer survey software to save several hours of management time!

Collect the results of your surveys in a powerful and centralized dashboard

At the end of each survey, our customer survey software automatically converts your customers’ responses into performance indicators (CES, CSAT and NPS) as well as metrics relevant to your business. Thus, rather than manually calculating each score related to your satisfaction surveys, our solution will save you several hours of management thanks to an automated and accurate conversion.

These metrics and performance indicators will then be centralized on the dashboard of your business account. This easy-to-use and efficient dashboard will allow you to know at a glance the scores related to your surveys and the overall satisfaction of your customers according to your branches. In addition, our real-time notifications, accompanied by an unresolved reviews filter, will allow you to manage and rectify customer dissatisfactions when needed. This is a must for getting visibility on the quality of your customer experience.

Turn your detractors into promoters of your brand with our dissatisfied customer detection feature

With our customer survey software with proactive customer dissatisfaction detection, quickly increase your customer retention rate. With InputKit Customer Experience, question your customers at the right time and then see the results in your dashboard. Our solution features real-time notifications to proactively manage customer dissatisfaction. With InputKit, you’ll detect an average of up to three times as many dissatisfied customers. This way, you can take action as soon as you receive the notification to show that satisfaction is at the heart of your priorities. With InputKit, you’ll turn your detractors into promoters! 

The dissatisfaction management functionality is effective because it provides a complete description of the customer history in a detailed form. These sheets present the contact details of your clients, as well as a context of previous exchanges. This allows your teams to track the progress of ongoing cases for more efficiency! 

Offer complementary products or services to your satisfied customers with our cross-selling functionality

In addition to automated and personalized surveys, are you aware that our customer survey software offers cross-selling functionality? Indeed, at the end of each customer satisfaction survey, our solution offers complementary products or services to satisfied customers in connection with their latest purchases. This tool will allow you to increase your turnover while offering your customers a personalized service according to their concrete needs. 

This cross-selling feature is an asset for your customer loyalty. Indeed, a proposal of complementary products or services can increase your customers’ commitment by showing them that you are listening to their current needs. For this purpose, a complementary product well offered to a satisfied and regular customer has a high probability of generating a cross-sale.

Continuously improve your customer experience and build customer loyalty

By using InputKit, you make sure you’re on the lookout for important metrics to take action to optimize your customer experience. With our customer survey software, ask your customers about the quality and relevance of your services after a service rendered or a lived experience. Using our customer satisfaction software, create relevant and personalized surveys. The answers you receive will help you identify some gaps in your customer experience. It is a must to better adapt to the concrete needs of your customers and to offer a memorable experience. By prioritizing actions that are important to your customers, you will have a direct impact on customer loyalty

Customer journey, customer service, employee performance, product quality and more: get accurate and transparent feedback to improve your customer experience continuously. This will give your customers the experience they deserve! 

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