InputKit, the Customer Feedback Software for Residential Services

Improve your customer satisfaction related to your residential services

With our customer feedback software for residential services, you can benefit from satisfaction questionnaires that will help you evaluate the performance of your teams, motivate your colleagues and increase your online reviews. Be proactive: implement InputKit, the trusted solution used by more than 1000 businesses all around the world.

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89% of customers appreciate that companies consider their opinion in order to improve the quality of their services.

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Discover how InputKit, the customer feedback software for residential services, can contribute to your customer success


Track customer satisfaction to ensure the quality of your services.


Increase your online reviews to acquire more customers.


Improve your service delivery with clear and relevant feedback.


Evaluate, motivate, and empower your employees by automatically sharing feedback from your customers.


Benefit from our centralized and automated solution to save several hours of management.

Satisfaction surveys to evaluate your residential services

Closely monitor your customers' satisfaction with your residential services

With our automated customer feedback software for residential services, follow your customer satisfaction closely to adapt your service offer to your customers’ concrete needs.

Send satisfaction surveys adapted to the residential services industry at the best time for concrete feedback

Take advantage of our automated surveys to send your questions to your customers one to two hours after a service is rendered. This will provide you with accurate and informative feedback. 

Schedule your surveys automatically by email or text

Our customer feedback software for residential services has a response rate of 57% per text message (SMS) and 49% per email. With InputKit, you will get valuable feedback to better adapt to the needs of your customers, regardless of the medium chosen.

Improve your customers' engagement by showing them that their opinion is being considered

After a service is rendered, track customer satisfaction with our automated and personalized surveys. This will allow you to adapt your services to your clients’ concrete needs to show them that their opinions are important to you.

Increase your sales

Did you know that 96% of dissatisfied customers will never let you know the reason for their dissatisfaction by themselves? To ensure customer loyalty, ask them after each service.  Our surveys with real-time notifications will help you turn your detractors into promoters.

Keep an eye on the evolution of your customer satisfaction through performance indicators (KPIs)

With our centralized dashboard and ergonomic interface, observe the evolution of your performance indicators to ensure customer satisfaction in your branches. NPS, CSAT, CES, and more: you can make better decisions based on concrete indicators. 

Relevant feedback to evaluate, motivate and empower your teams

Send satisfaction surveys to your employees regularly to show them that their well-being is a priority

With our employee satisfaction surveys, identify the various issues impacting your staff satisfaction. Your teams will be grateful!

Involve your employees in team decisions

In the context of decision-making or organization of activities, send out employee surveys to find out what the majority think! 

Easily evaluate the performance of your teams on site

As a manager, it is sometimes difficult to know the performance of your teams on site. With our customer feedback software for residential services, benefit from surveys that give you the straight facts about the services offered by your employees! 

Share feedback from your customers with your teams

With our personalized and automated satisfaction surveys, you will have no problem knowing your customers’ honest opinions about your service delivery. This feedback will empower, motivate and support your employees based on what your customers think.

Recognize the good performance of your employees

Recognition has a direct impact on the turnover rate of your employees. Did you know that an employee whose good work is highlighted is 63% more committed to your business? Recognize the work of your teams to retain your talents!

Ensure continuous improvement of your services by empowering your teams

Customer feedback allows your staff to better understand the impact of their service on customer satisfaction. With our customer feedback software for residential services, get customer feedback that will allow your staff to better understand the direct impact of their services on customer satisfaction. This feature, along with individual employee reports, will allow you to continuously monitor the performance of your teams to facilitate assessment meetings.  This is an essential asset to get an overview of the quality of your customer and employee experience!

Regular and positive customer reviews for a better reputation

Increase your turnover and your number of positive reviews

Did you know that companies with many online reviews generate an average of 54% more revenue? Take advantage of our customer feedback software for residential services and increase your turnover by attracting new prospects!

Optimize your positioning on search engines to benefit from better online visibility

With our customer review software adapted to residential services, surpass your competitors’ online reviews to gain credibility with Google and your prospects. You will get better visibility online and attract new leads!

Get a smart answer generator to help you write answers to online reviews

With our AI-enabled answer generator, you’ll save valuable writing hours. Our personalized and automated responses will allow you to focus on your customers’ satisfaction!

Proactively ensure your customers are satisfied

With our monthly reports, you can track your reputation online. Be proactive: get customer review software adapted to residential services to monitor your review metrics and implement strategies to optimize your online reputation!

Regularly receive new positive reviews

Google favors companies that regularly get new reviews online. With our online review solution, automate your online review requests for every satisfied customer who answers a satisfaction survey. 

Be proactive in managing your reviews online

While using our customer feedback software for residential services, our non-responded reviews filter will save you many hours of management! You will find your recent customer reviews and can answer them on the platform for proactive and centralized management! 

With an investment of $3,000 per year, I can easily say that we are making 10 times the investment, or 30,000 more in our InputKit sales, mainly because of the increase in online reviews generated by the solution. InputKit is a valuable asset for Béton Surface!
Joëlle Archambault

Director of Brands and Processes at Béton Surface.

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