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With InputKit, you can send automated and personalized satisfaction surveys to your customers to better adapt to their specific needs. With our customer experience management software that contains satisfaction surveys and relevant metrics, you can continuously improve your customer experience. Stand out from the competition: implement InputKit, the trusted solution used by more than 1000 businesses all around the world!

Companies with a superior customer experience earn on average 5.7 times more revenue than their competitors.

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Discover the benefits of InputKit’s customer experience management software

Improve your customer experience with powerful automated surveys

Through our customer experience management software, send personalized and automated surveys at the right time, one to two hours after a lived experience, in order to gather accurate and informative feedback. Our average response rate of 57% per text message (SMS) and 49% per email will give you valuable information, regardless of your prefered sending methods. This will help you better understand your clients’ concrete needs and adapt your services accordingly. By continuously improving your services, you will retain your existing clientele while attracting new prospects!

Our key performance indicators will help you better understand the impact of your services on your clients’ satisfaction. Thanks to our customer experience management software, you will have a clear idea of your customer satisfaction and the quality of the services offered by your staff members.

Finally, each satisfied customer automatically receives an invitation to leave you a positive review online. This feature is a great asset for your reputation and the motivation of your employees. With our satisfaction surveys tailored to your business’ colors, you show your customers that their opinions are sincerely important to you. 


Monitor in real-time the performance indicators that matter to you

Our customer experience management software allows you to translate your survey responses into satisfaction indicators. With our efficient and centralized dashboard, you can view your metrics at a glance. Measure your Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT), Customer Effort Score (CES) and Net Promoter Score (NPS) to better understand your customers’ overall satisfaction. These metrics will allow you to continuously improve to provide an unforgettable customer experience, which will increase your customer referral rate. 

Beyond NPS, CES and CSAT, through InputKit, measure several other metrics that are important to you by building your custom questions. Changes in online reviews, performance scores per employee and more: several reports are available to track the evolution of the service offered by your company. These will allow you to correct some flaws in your customer experience to offer your customers the best possible service. Be proactive: implement our customer experience management software to get the straight facts about your customer satisfaction with reliable, real-time data.


Evaluate and motivate your employees for a better customer experience

Do you want to know the truth about the quality of the services offered by your teams? Thanks to our customer experience management software, you will also get individual performance reports per employee based on the answers and concrete opinions of your customers. These reports are essential to keep an eye on your teams and ensure that your services are improved. With InputKit, take into account the performance of your employees and facilitate your assessment meetings

Employee motivation has a direct impact on the quality of service provided by employees. Our customer experience management software also allows you to share with your employees the positive feedback from your satisfied customers. This feedback will ensure your employees are motivated and accountable for customer satisfaction. 

By using InputKit’s employee experience solution, you’ll have more information about your employees. By sending surveys to your employees, you will be able to assess their perception of their own work. This will give you an overview that is unique in the customer experience market. 

Since we have InputKit, we have identified 2-3x more dissatisfied customers. InputKit allows us to act quickly and create a WOW effect. It’s an incredible tool, I wouldn’t do without it. Our return on investment is excellent. The cost of InputKit compared to what it brings us is lower. This is our cheapest ad ever!
Robert Dubé

General Manager at Les Spécialistes de l’Électroménager

Before InputKit, we had no tools to measure the quality of our customer experience. This is a must for improving the treatments of our clinic. In addition, InputKit has also increased our Google reviews, which has positively impacted our customer acquisition. I couldn't do without InputKit. It was one of the best decisions I made for my company.
Dominik Mignault

Owner of Physio des Collines

Now, with InputKit, I can analyze customer needs with automated surveys in minutes. It saves me about two hours of tracking and management per day. We also get about five times more Google reviews than before. At InputKit, there is always someone to help us. The proposed surveys are simple to use and automated. I couldn’t live without it.
Alain Gauthier

Director of communication and customer service at Point S

With an investment of $3,000 a year, I can easily say that we are making 10 times the investment, or 30,000 more in our revenue from InputKit, particularly because of the increase in online reviews we got with the solution.
Joëlle Archambault

Director of brands and processes at Béton Surface

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Frequently asked questions by our customers! (FAQ)

How much does InputKit Customer Experience cost?

Answer: The price of the InputKit Customer Experience solution is adapted to your business situation. It starts at $125 per month paid annually. For more details, check out our pricing page or schedule a free demo.

What is the approximate response rate to emails and SMS sent via your solution?

On average, the InputKit Customer Experience solution has a response rate of 57% per text message (SMS) and 49% per email. On the other hand, our competitors are seeing approximately 15% response rates.

If I want your solution, what is the average time required to implement it?

Implementation is turnkey and takes an average of an hour and a half. Our reports and notifications are fully automated, making it easier to track your satisfaction.

What is the benefit of using your solution if dissatisfied customers tend to come forward naturally?

It’s a myth!  The majority of dissatisfied customers will remain silent, only 5% of dissatisfied customers say so themselves. Be proactive and target dissatisfaction before it’s too late.

Once the solution is implemented, how do I change questionnaires on the platform?

During the implementation of InputKit, your team members are given comprehensive training so that they are familiar with the solution. However, our team of experts remains available to answer any questions and support you in your daily modifications.


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