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With our retail feedback software, benefit from satisfaction surveys that will help you evaluate your staff’s service, motivate your colleagues and get more reviews online. Put all the chances on your side: implement InputKit, the trusted solution used by more than 1000 businesses all around the world!

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89% of customers appreciate that retail businesses question them in order to improve the quality of their services.

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Discover how InputKit, the customer satisfaction software for retail businesses, can contribute to your customer success


Follow your customer satisfaction closely to ensure the quality of your services.


Get more reviews online to attract more customers within your business.


Improve your service delivery with accurate and relevant feedback.


Share customer feedback with your employees in an automated way to better assess, motivate and hold them accountable.


Benefit from a centralized and automated dashboard to facilitate the management of your business.

Customer satisfaction surveys fully adapted to the retail industry

Track customer satisfaction following a lived experience

With our retail feedback software, automatically track customer satisfaction to better adapt your products and services to your customers’ real needs.

Send customer satisfaction surveys to retail stores at the right time

With our automated customer satisfaction surveys, question your customers at the optimal time, one to two hours after the experience. This will provide you with accurate and informative feedback.

Schedule your surveys to be sent electronically by email or text, depending on your clients' preference

With a response rate of 57% per text message (SMS) and 49% per email, our retail customer satisfaction software you valuable feedback to better adapt to the concrete needs of your customers, regardless of the platform of your

Keep your customers loyal by showing them that their well-being is a priority for you

Following a lived experience, track your customers’ satisfaction with our retail feedback software. This will allow you to improve your experience according to your customers’ needs and show them that their opinion is being considered.

Increase your sales

Did you know that 80% of customers turn to a competitor after a bad experience? To avoid such losses, ask your customers about their business experience. Our automated surveys equipped with real-time notifications will allow you to rectify the situation to turn your detractors into promoters.

Keep your customer satisfaction up to date with performance indicators (KPIs)

Benefit from a centralized dashboard and ergonomic interface to see at a glance how your performance indicators are evolving. NPS, CSAT, CES, and more: validate customer satisfaction in your branches to make better decisions based on concrete indicators.

Rich and informative feedback to motivate and empower your employees

Improve your employee experience with our employee satisfaction surveys

Our employee satisfaction surveys will help you improve employee satisfaction at work. Interview your teams anonymously to show your qualities as an employer!

Involve your staff in team decisions

In the context of decision-making or organization of activities, send automated and personalized surveys for  employees according to your needs to find out what the majority think! 

Keep an eye on the quality of services offered by your employees in all your businesses

As a manager, it is difficult to know the performance of each trade team. Equip yourself with retail feedback software and benefit from surveys that allow you to know the quality of the services offered by your employees! 

Share your customers' feedback with your teams

With our customer satisfaction surveys adapted to retail businesses, you will gather feedback that will allow you to know your customers’ opinion on your service delivery. In turn, this feedback will empower, motivate and support your employees based on what your customers think. 

Recognize the good work of your employees

Recognition has a direct impact on the turnover rate of your employees. Did you know that an employee recognized for their good work is 63% more committed to your business? Recognize your staff regularly to retain your talent!

Empower your employees to continuously improve your services

Customer feedback allows your teams to better understand the impact of their service on customer satisfaction. With our customer satisfaction software for retail businesses, get feedback with individual employee reports. By continuously monitoring the performance of your teams, you will be better equipped during your evaluation meetings. By combining our customer and employee experience solution, you will have all the information you need to improve your service offering while maximizing the happiness of your teams.

Numerous and positive customer reviews for a better customer acquisition

Collect more positive reviews while increasing your sales

Did you know that retailers with a large number of online reviews generate an average of 54% more revenue? Implement our retail feedback software and increase your sales by attracting new customers in your branches!

Improve your positioning in search results to optimize your online visibility

With our customer satisfaction software for retail stores, get many positive online reviews to gain credibility with Google and your prospects. This will optimize your positioning in search results and significantly increase your online visibility. Our automated notification solution will allow you to attract the attention of users and win many customers!

Take advantage of a smart answer generator to help you write answers to online reviews

Our answer generator with artificial intelligence (AI) will allow you to respond in an automated and personalized way according to your customers’ opinions. Such a feature will save you many hours of writing while responding appropriately to your online reviews.

Proactively ensure your customers are satisfied

Follow our monthly reports to see how your online reputation is developing. Be proactive: equip yourself with our retail customer satisfaction software to monitor your review metrics and implement strategies to get better customer reviews!

Regularly get new positive reviews

Google favors businesses that regularly get new reviews online. With our online review solution, automate your review requests for every customer who answers a satisfaction survey.

Benefit from proactive and centralized management

Through our retail feedback software, take advantage of an unanswered review filter to save valuable management hours. On the platform, you can read and respond to your latest reviews online. Managing your customer reviews has never been easier!

Since we have InputKit, we have identified 2-3x more dissatisfied customers. InputKit allows us to act quickly and create a WOW effect. It’s an incredible tool, I wouldn’t do without it. Our return on investment is excellent. The cost of InputKit compared to what it brings us is lower. This is our cheapest ad ever!
Robert Dubé

General Manager at Les Spécialistes de l’Électroménager

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