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Users of Medexa, the management software for medical clinics, improve your patient experience with InputKit. With our solution, improve your patient experience with satisfaction surveys, employee performance reports, and more. With Medexa and InputKit, tracking customer satisfaction has never been easier!

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Give your patients an exceptional experience

With our Medexa integration, improve the patient experience in your medical clinics. After an appointment, send your patients an automated and personalized satisfaction survey to ensure their complete satisfaction. These surveys sent at the right time, one to two hours after an appointment, will allow you to learn more about the quality of your treatment and to take action accordingly. InputKit has an average response rate of 49% per email and 57% per text message (SMS). This way, you will get valuable feedback to adapt your treatments according to the concrete needs of your patient. This diligent monitoring of patient satisfaction will greatly increase your patients’ retention and show them that their well-being is your priority!

Be notified in real-time to avoid losing patients

With our Medexa integration , you will detect up to three times more unhappy patients after a medical clinic appointment. Did you know that only 5% of dissatisfied patients will tell you by themself the reason for their disappointment? Other dissatisfied patients will change clinics without even notifying you of their dissatisfaction. With InputKit, through our centralized dashboard, benefit from our real-time notifications to take action before it’s too late. With our detailed and up-to-date customer reports, proactively resolve dissatisfactions to ensure your patient is satisfied. You can turn your detractors into promoters!
Our solution comes with an intelligent response generator. For each negative comment or review received, you will be able to respond in an automated and personalized way to invite the patient to contact you via a more personal platform. This follow-up will help you identify gaps in your patient experience and proactively manage dissatisfaction in your clinics. With InputKit, you will show your patients that their satisfaction is important to you.

Attract new patients in your clinic

Through our connected solution with Medexa, attract new patients to your medical clinic. InputKit increases your Google reviews by an average of three to ten times per month. After each completed survey, our solution automatically invites your satisfied patients to leave a positive review online. This simple and effective strategy will allow you to target your ambassadors to improve your online reputation. This is a must to increase your visibility on search engines and win many patients in your clinics!
With InputKit and Medexa, position yourself as the medical clinic with the best patient experience. Collect many positive and detailed Google reviews to display your expertise as a clinic. These informative reviews and feedback will give your patients confidence. Through our connected solution in Medexa, differentiate yourself from your competitors and deliver an exceptional patient experience!

Evaluate and motivate your teams

Thanks to our integration in Medexa, get to the bottom of what is really happening in your medical clinics. Through our powerful and intuitive dashboard, you’ll learn more about your employees’ performance. These concrete feedback from your patients will allow your employees to better identify your clients’ needs, develop their skills and provide better treatment based on the feedback they receive. In addition, with our individual performance reports per employee, you will be able to hold your teams accountable for the quality of the treatments offered.
Did you know that our solution automatically shares positive feedback from your satisfied patients with your teams? Take advantage of our connection with Medexa to improve the motivation of your employees in medical clinics. This will greatly contribute to the retention of your teams and the quality of your patient experience!

The benefits of InputKit for users of Medexa, the management software for your medical clinic:

  • Save time by automating your patient follow-up processes.
  • Attract more patients to your clinic with more Google reviews.
  • Evaluate your employees based on feedback from your patients.
  • Have a better understanding of what is happening in your rooms.
  • Motivate your teams by automatically sharing positive feedback from satisfied patients.
  • Compare yourself in real-time to the major players in your industry.
With InputKit, I have feedback from patients on all my therapists and it allows me to address what is really important and to bring concrete information to them. Also, we send all the positive reviews to the therapists. This feedback from their patient proves to them that they are doing a good job and it gives them confidence. InputKit is very cost-effective and I recommend it without hesitation.
François Grégoire

CEO, Mouvement Physio

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