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68% of patients change clinics because they feel you don’t care about them.

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Learn how InputKit, our dental clinic software offering satisfaction surveys, can help you

Ensure the complete satisfaction of all your patients.

Attract more patients to the clinic with Google Reviews.

Optimize your services based on concrete indicators and patient feedback.

Assess and motivate your staff and provide concrete feedback from patients

Benefit from automated management to save several hours of follow-up.

Effective Patient Experience Surveys

Ensure your patients are fully satisfied and respond accordingly

With our dental clinic software offering automated satisfaction surveys, follow up on appointments automatically to ensure the quality of your treatments and adapt your patient experience to their concrete needs.

Send your dental office satisfaction surveys at the right time

With our automated satisfaction surveys, interview your patients one to two hours after the appointment for accurate and detailed feedback.

Choose the patient’s favorite method of sending the survey by email or text

With a response rate of 57% per text message (SMS) and 49% per email, our dental clinic software with automated satisfaction surveys ensures that no matter which platform you choose, relevant results are collected.

Increase patient retention by demonstrating that your patients are important

Following a clinic visit, follow up on treatment with fully personalized dental satisfaction surveys. Rely on feedback to prove that the well-being of patients is a priority in your clinic.

Grow your sales

Did you know that 96% of dissatisfied customers will never let you know for themselves? Be sure to question all of your clients following an experience. In case of dissatisfaction, you will avoid a financial loss if you make sure to follow up rigorously and appropriately. Get the facts straight with real-time notifications before it’s too late! 

Track your patient satisfaction with performance indicators (KPIs)

With our clear and intuitive dashboard, See how your different performance indicators are evolving to validate patient satisfaction in your different dental clinics. NPS, CSAT, CES, and more: this valuable data will help you make informed decisions!

Combine the strength of patient feedback and surveys to get a complete view of the lived experience

Ask your employees to ensure the well-being and loyalty of your staff

Your employees will feel listened to and will be more comfortable sharing their opinions with you anonymously if necessary.

Make team decisions based on employee feedback

In a decision-making or business organization context, send surveys to your teams to hear from the majority! 

Get more visibility on the experience in your rooms

As a manager, it’s often difficult to know what’s going on in your clinic every day. By sending satisfaction surveys, our dental clinic software allows you to view patient feedback to keep an eye on your teams!

Share feedback from your clients with your employees

By asking your patients about the service you receive, you can find out what they think about service delivery. With this valuable information, you will be able to act with your teams according to the feedback collected. You will be able to motivate or help your colleagues based on the answers obtained based on specific details. 

Congratulate and motivate your employees on a daily basis

Recognition will have an impact on the retention of your dental staff. Did you know that motivated employees perform 4.6 times better at work? Motivating your employees pays off!

Empower your employees and ensure continuous improvement of the service offered

Customer feedback will help your employees understand the impact of the service offered on customer satisfaction. With our dental clinic software providing the best satisfaction surveys, get individual reports per employee. You will be able to follow the evolution of the service offered by each member of your team, which will facilitate your evaluation meetings.

Compelling customer reviews to attract patients to the clinic

Generate more reviews with InputKit and increase your sales

Did you know that companies with more reviews online generate an average of 54% more revenue? With our dental clinic customer satisfaction software, maximize your sales with our online review solution!

Maximize your search engine positioning for more visibility

With our automated online review solution, capture more reviews than your competitors, demonstrating your credibility to Google and potential patients. It will therefore be easier to position yourself among the first research results and attract more patients! 

Save time writing personalized responses to online reviews

Benefit from InputKit’s smart online response generator. Depending on the nature of the advice, respond appropriately and automatically with our artificial intelligence (AI). Responding to reviews has never been easier!

Track your online reputation

With our monthly online review progress reports, you can monitor your patient satisfaction on a regular basis. This will ensure you keep an eye on your online review metrics and implement improvement strategies!

Get regular positive reviews

Google favors companies that frequently get new positive reviews. Within our dental clinic software offering satisfaction surveys, the automation of review requests allows us to systematically ask satisfied customers to share their opinion. This way, you will avoid referring dissatisfied customers to your review platforms! 

Be efficient in your online review management

Save time with our dental clinic surveys and satisfaction software by using our unanswered reviews feature! You can consult your recent Google reviews to respond centrally.

InputKit helps me a lot to evaluate employees and improve our customer service. I really like the automatic feedback tool! Every week, my employees receive an email from a satisfied patient with a comment. We get a lot of positive feedback from our patients, so it’s very nice to receive and it helps motivate the team.
Audrey Riel

Manager, Centre Dentaire Delongchamp

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