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Measure and improve your customer experience

Custom Price

Paid annually

  • Personalized satisfaction questionnaires
  • NPS Solution
  • Customer experience management

Measure and improve your patient experience

Custom Price

Paid annually

  • Personalized patient satisfaction questionnaires
  • NPS Solution
  • Customer experience management

Attract more new customers and differentiate yourself from competitors

Custom Price

Paid annually

  • Collection of reviews on Google and other review sites
  • InputKit widget to display your testimonials on your website
  • Smart Google Review Response Generator

Reduce staff turnover and ensure well-being at work

Custom Price

Paid annually

  • Pulse type surveys (continuous survey with always different questions)
  • Personalized employee surveys
  • 360 survey (annual assessment)

Optional modules

CX employees

Evaluate the impact of your employees on your Customer Experience with customer reviews

Custom Price

Paid annually

  • Report of employees by type
  • Individual report per employee
  • Comparison of indicators of the employee to his colleagues
  • Automatically redirect positive feedback to employees

CX connectors

Automate the sending of questionnaires to customers

Custom Price

Paid annually

  • Zapier
  • Denitek
  • Progident
  • Medexa
  • Activix
  • ServiCentre
  • And many others


Increase your response rates

Custom Price

  • Paid annually
  • Limit of 1000 SMS per month

Multiple locations

Contact us for a custom price

Price per additional office


Discover how InputKit helps our client

Since we have InputKit, we have identified 2-3x more dissatisfied customers. InputKit allows us to act quickly and create a WOW effect. With InputKit, it's like there are glasses that just appeared to me! It's an incredible tool, I wouldn't be without it. Our return on investment is excellent. The cost of InputKit compared to what it brings us is less. This is our cheapest ad we've ever had!
Robert Dubé

Directeur général chez Les Spécialistes de l'électroménager


What is the base price of InputKit?

To learn more about our prices, see our packages on the page above. For any specific questions, please contact a member of our team.

Is technical support and training included in the base price?

Technical support and training are included in the proposed pricing. Ensuring our solution works well with our customers is a priority!

What are the preferred payment methods by InputKit?

The majority of our customers make the payment of our solution by credit card. In some cases, bank transfers are allowed. In rare cases, checks  may be authorized. All in all, we focus almost exclusively on credit card payments.

How often are payments taken with InputKit?

When purchasing InputKit, an annual payment is taken. When the renewal is due, the company has the option of making monthly payments. If you opt for a network package, the frequency of payments can be discussed with our team of experts.

Can I change my InputKit subscription type at any time?

Please note that it is possible to change your InputKit package at any time. For example, it is possible to add or remove modules. Contact our team if this applies to your situation.

How does canceling my InputKit subscription work?

In case of cancellation of our solution during the first year of use, we will refund the remaining months and the applicable fees on a pro-rata basis. Applicable fees include annual fees, employee evaluation fees, and the unlimited SMS module. Only the installation fee is not refundable. After one year of use, cancellation is possible and will stop the month following the cancellation request.


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