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InputKit is a globally recognized customer experience, patient experience, employee experience and online review solution. By becoming a solution partner, increase the value of your customers' services while ensuring the complete satisfaction of their customers and employees. Suggest to your customers a trusted solution offering automated and personalized surveys, as well as a powerful and centralized dashboard. Generate more revenue with InputKit, the turnkey software used by more than 1000 businesses all around the world!

Bring real results to your clients

+322% online customer reviews

On average, businesses get 322% more online customer reviews every month with InputKit.

+23% potential sales with their existing customers

On average, 23% of customers are interested in at least one additional product/service.

49% average response rate

On average, companies get a 49% response rate with InputKit.


The benefits of InputKit for our solution partners

Benefit from royalty for each customer combining your solution with InputKit

Are you looking for ways to improve your company’s turnover? Be aware that InputKit offers solution partners a monetary sum for each referred customer. In addition, thanks to collaborative marketing initiatives, InputKit helps you find the right words to sell our solution to your customers and thus generate commissions. In addition to these royalties, take advantage of our many solutions for your own business to ensure a high-quality experience for your customers and employees. Collaborating with InputKit pays off!

Add value to your services

By combining your technological solution with InputKit, your customers will be able to benefit from our many advantages. InputKit will add value to your services with our rich customer and employee experience features. Thanks to our automated and personalized surveys as well as our powerful dashboard, your customers will be able to keep a constant eye on the metrics that are important to them. Greater turnover, better retention rate, optimized cross-selling: help your customers offer an experience that meets their expectations!

Manage employee performance based on real feedback

Become an InputKit solution partner to ensure better performance management of their employees. With our feedback collection software, enable your customers to provide the best possible service. With InputKit’s customer and employee experience modules, users of your solution will be able to combine customer feedback and employee review scores to get a complete view of how their teams are performing at work. Thus, they will reduce the turnover rate of their employees through proactive behavior, based on concrete feedback. By relying on the concrete comments of their employees, your clients will be able to ensure their well-being and fulfillment by improving their working conditions as well as your human resources management. This is a must for retaining employees in this time of labor shortage!

By combining our customer experience and employee experience solutions, your clients will also be able to improve their communication strategies, the follow-up of their managers and gain better credibility as an employer. Of course, a motivated team will be more inclined to provide high quality service. With our solution, your customers will be sure to continuously improve their experiences based on real facts.

Stand out from your competitors

By offering your customers the opportunity to use the InputKit integration with your solution, you offer them a unique combination on the market. Indeed, CRMs and ERPs on the current market lack rich functionalities in terms of customer and employee experience. You are therefore filling a glaring need by offering the possibility of using our two solutions simultaneously.

At InputKit, providing a quality customer and employee experience is our priority. Thus, by becoming an InputKit solution partner, you allow your customers to establish an unforgettable experience that will allow them to stand out as much as a company as a top employer. InputKit offers a complete customer experience, patient experience, employee experience, and online reputation solution that stands out in the market. Analysis of key metrics, cross-selling, automated and personalized processes and much more: become an InputKit solution partner so that you and your customers benefit from our many advantages!

Increase the loyalty of your partners' customers

With InputKit, allow users of your solution to optimize their customer retention rate. By combining with your CRM or ERP, our solution targets the level of satisfaction and the detractors of your customers well before it is too late thanks to real-time notifications. By retaining their current customers, your customers will generate more recurring revenue. This is a considerable element that will in turn build loyalty towards your solution combined with InputKit. Thus, by enhancing the added value of your solution thanks to the functionalities offered by InputKit, your customers will be even more satisfied and will not want to turn to a competing solution to yours. A partnership with InputKit is a winner at all levels!

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