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Take advantage of our integration with Servex, the service activity management software, to improve your customer experience. With the InputKit integration, benefit from automated satisfaction tracking, centralized performance metrics, individual employee reporting, increased online reviews and more. With our turnkey solution, ensure the continuous improvement of your customer experience.

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Continuously optimize your customer experience

With our integration with Servex’s management software, you can continuously improve your experience based on the real needs of your customers. Our automated and customized satisfaction surveys in the colors of your company ensure a proactive follow-up of customer satisfaction. Follow our best practices: send your surveys at the right time, one to two hours after the experience. These valuable feedback will allow you to make informed decisions based on the real needs of your customers. Our average response rate of 49% by email and 57% by text message (SMS) will allow you to gather many comments to ensure the improvement of your services. By knowing the true opinion of your customers, you can offer them an experience that meets their expectations!

Act quickly with our real-time notifications

By combining InputKit with Servex’s management software, you can detect up to three times as many dissatisfied customers in your business. With our centralized and ergonomic dashboard, get real-time notifications to address customer dissatisfaction before it’s too late. With InputKit, you can save time during your satisfaction follow-up with our detailed customer reports. Take advantage of our solution to resolve dissatisfaction proactively and professionally. Such monitoring will ensure the transformation of your detractors into your best promoters!
With our solution, take advantage of our smart response generator to better respond to negative online reviews. With this tool, you will be able to respond in an automated and personalized way to customer dissatisfactions in order to redirect them to the communication platform of your choice. This proactive approach will allow you to learn more about the source of their dissatisfaction and correct some flaws in your customer experience. By taking into account negative reviews and comments, you will show your customers as well as your prospects that your company cares about their opinion. This will increase your customer loyalty and improve your reputation!

Attract new customers to your points of sale

Take advantage of our connection with the Servex management software to attract new leads to your points of sale. Our platform allows you to increase your monthly Google reviews by an average of three to ten times. At the end of each completed survey, InputKit automatically prompts your satisfied customers to leave you a positive review online. Our software exclusively targets your ambassadors to improve your online reputation. A high volume of positive Google reviews will increase your visibility on search engines and significantly improve your acquisition of new customers!
Combine InputKit with Servex’s management software to position yourself as the expert in your industry. Our solution ensures that you receive many detailed and positive reviews that will put your potential customers in confidence. These informative comments will attest to your reliability and attract new customers to your branches. With InputKit, show up as the expert in your field to stand out from your competitors!

Evaluate, empower and motivate your teams

Take advantage of our integration with Servex management software to get a better overview of the quality of the services offered by your company. With our intuitive and powerful dashboard, watch over the performance indicators that are important to you. In addition, our individual employee performance reports will let you know what’s going on in your branches. This feature will greatly facilitate your assessment meetings. With our solution, you will hold your employees accountable and be able to better adapt their training to your customers’ feedback.
With InputKit, automatically share positive reviews, detailed feedback and improvement suggestions for customer improvement with your teams. These positive feedback will motivate your employees and encourage them to do their best. This way, you will offer your customers a customer experience that meets their expectations!

InputKit benefits for Servex’s management software users :

  • Save time by automating your customer follow-up via our email and SMS surveys.
  • Attract new customers to the store with Google reviews.
  • Evaluate your employees with relevant customer feedback.
  • Get a better overview of what’s happening in your branches.
  • Motivate your teams by sharing positive feedback from satisfied customers.
  • Compare yourself in real time to your industry competitors.
It’s amazing to be able to position yourself, to know what customers think of us, of the good and the not so good. Thanks to the feedback, we started working on an action plan to improve our practices. If you want to try a homemade solution, trust me! We have tried others and you are much better with the InputKit solution. The return on investment is worth it
François Lacombe

Sales Manager, Alarma Security Group

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