Our vision

A world where genuine and great customer experience is the norm

Who we are

InputKit is a SaaS solution used by more than 1000 companies around the world. The solution helps service companies improve their customer experience, employee experience and online reputation.

By using InputKit, these companies give themselves a way to stand out from the competition by creating a wow effect with their customers and employees.

Our mission: Make the world a better place by helping companies deliver a better customer and employee experience.

InputKit InputKit

The values that guide InputKit on a daily basis

Embodying leadership

Building relationships based on trust, respect, tolerance and assertiveness to embody leadership on a daily basis.

Being transparent

Communicating openly and honestly by promoting dialogue and sharing, is not just a nice slogan, we make sure that transparency covers each of our interactions with our employees, customers or all other stakeholders.

Being accountable

Taking ownership, focusing on performance, delivering quality, aiming for efficiency and excellence is of paramount importance to us!

Incorporating Humility

Humility is of essence, humility to accept others (accept our differences of opinion, status, our cultural and social differences) and accept oneself (recognize one’s errors, wrongs, areas for improvement, ignorance seeking to constantly improve).

Working as a Team

Demonstrate altruism and solidarity to favor collaboration in an environment where mutual aid, motivation and success are essential!


The story behind our company

InputKit, a growing company InputKit is a web-based customer experience solution that was founded in 2017 by Philippe Genois and co-founded by Jean-Philippe Fong. Today, InputKit is used by more than 1000 customers around the world. The whole team is very proud of this dazzling success which is the result of great collaboration between our different teams!


As seen on "Dans l'oeil du dragon"

Featured on the acclaimed show “Dans l’oeil du dragon”, InputKit made a notable appearance that left a lasting impact. Our pitch captured the attention of both the dragons and the audience, showcasing our innovative solutions and the passionate team behind them.

This exposure significantly boosted our visibility and credibility, accelerating our journey towards becoming a key player in our industry. Watch our memorable moment on the show below :

Discover our team of experts

Philippe Genois

CEO and co-founder

Jean-Philippe Fong

Chief Technology Officer and co-founder

Arthur Delbecque

Sales and Business Development Specialist

Mohamad Farhat

Senior account executive

Mouna Hilal

Commercial director and integrator

Isabel LeBire

Customer Success Manager

Antoine Cabanis

Customer success manager

Aminata Sene

Outbound Sales Development Representative

Anne-Marie Roy

Human resources and operations support coordinator

What benefits can InputKit bring to you?

Improve your customer experience based on relevant feedback.

Optimize your customer experience based on feedback. Prioritize change and deliver an experience that meets your customers’ expectations.

Save time by automating your customer satisfaction follow-ups.

Personalized follow-up for each client takes time. With InputKit, automation will help you avoid forgetting and focus on other value-added tasks.

Be proactive and detect customer dissatisfaction before they leave your business.

While 96% of dissatisfied customers will never let you know for themselves, be sure to target dissatisfaction before it’s too late!

Show yourself in your best light with positive online reviews.

The online reviews you collect reflect the quality of your service. More online reviews, more new customers, more revenue!

Build employee loyalty by asking the right questions at the right time.

Many companies lose their talents because they do not bother to assess their satisfaction on a daily basis. Act proactively to retain your talent!

Evaluate the work of your employees with concrete customer feedback.

What better way to give good feedback than to rely on your customers’ actual comments? Your teams will understand the impact of their work on customer satisfaction.

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