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Save time with our smart auto-answer online reviews tool

Benefit from our auto-answer online reviews tool in order to respond in a personalized way to Google reviews. Responses to reviews, based on best practices, are automatically suggested to you via InputKit. You will be able to respond to your online reviews in record time. Implement InputKit, the smart online review response software used by more than 1000 businesses all around the world!

Respond quickly and professionally to your online reviews with our intelligent response generator

1. Be notified via InputKit when a new online notification is detected

With our smart auto-answer online reviews tool, take advantage of our centralized and efficient dashboard to simplify the management of your online reviews. Featuring real-time notifications as well as a non-responded review filter, this dashboard will allow you to rigorously track your online reviews. With InputKit, you will be notified in real-time and will be able to respond to reviews as soon as they are written to ensure your customers’ satisfaction.

With our auto-answer online reviews tool, keep an eye on the evolution of your online reviews. Through InputKit, check out your latest customer reviews to proactively and personalize your response. This will ensure your customers’ satisfaction and allow you to rectify the situation as quickly as possible in case of customer dissatisfaction!

2. Answer directly via InputKit and benefit from our intelligent response generator with our suggestions for responses to reviews, both positive and negative

With our smart auto-answer online reviews tool, you can benefit from an ergonomic and centralized dashboard to respond to your recent online reviews, without having to leave the platform. Through our non-responded reviews filter, check the comments of the users, then respond appropriately to show them that their opinion is important to you. This centralized management will save you many hours of work!

In addition, InputKit has an intelligent response generator that allows you to respond to customer reviews in a fully personalized way. Rely on our many examples of automatic responses to Google reviews, then take advantage of our software to respond to your customers in record time. Managing your online reviews has never been easier!

3. Customize your answers by adjusting their content as you see fit

With our auto-answer online reviews tool, you will respond to every online review in a relevant and personalized way. Save time writing your answers with Artificial Intelligence (AI). Your prospects will see that you are a responsible company that listens to their customers’ feedback. Indeed, once our solution detects a new online review, our auto-answer online reviews tool allows you to respond to users in an automated and personalized way.

With our intelligent answer generator based on artificial intelligence, create personalized, human and professional answers. Customer name, type of service rendered, highlights: adjust your message based on your experience and level of satisfaction to increase engagement and enhance your online reputation.

4. Build trust between you and your customers by demonstrating that online reviews are important

Our smart auto-answer online reviews tool lets you customize your responses to Google reviews. However, did you know that such a tool also allows you to better retain and satisfy your customers? With our smart response generator and centralized dashboard, respond to feedback from your customers to let them know their opinion matters.

Using our smart generator, respond to online reviews to show your potential customers that you are a trustworthy company. Our solution will allow you to continuously improve your customer experience while improving your online reputation. This way, you will get more positive reviews and show users the importance of their online reviews.

5. Avoid losing customers by quickly correcting customer dissatisfaction

InputKit allows you to quickly rectify the situation in case of customer dissatisfaction!

With our smart response generator with real-time notifications, keep a constant eye on what’s being said about your business. Our solution notifies you in real-time when customers are dissatisfied, which will allow you to respond quickly and inform your team in charge. Proactive behavior and excellent customer service will improve your online reputation and turn some of your detractors into promoters of your brand!

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