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Improve your customer experience with our NPS software

Take advantage of our NPS software to measure metrics that matter to you. As a result of a service rendered or a lived experience, question your clients to obtain relevant feedback that will translate into performance indicators. This will allow you to continuously improve your customer experience. Be proactive in managing your business: benefit from InputKit, the NPS survey software used by more than 1000 businesses all around the world!

Be sure to measure your NPS progress with our automated NPS software

1. Create your questions to determine your key metrics

With our NPS software, measure metrics that are important to you. Net Promoter Score (NPS), Customer Effort Score (CES), Customer Satisfaction (CSAT), staff performance, online review evolution, and more: take advantage of our NPS survey software to get the metrics you want with our customer satisfaction surveys.

Once the key metrics have been determined, formulate relevant questions related to the indicators you want to measure. Create short, direct and concise questions to better understand the issues that impact your clients’ overall satisfaction. InputKit offers you several templates of pre-established questions to simplify your daily life based on best practices. During the implementation, our team of experts will also create the best surveys according to what you want to evaluate!

Our NPS software, with customized surveys in your company’s colors, will allow you to analyze metrics that are important to you. Rely on our best examples of customer satisfaction surveys to measure your company’s performance indicators. 

2. Send your surveys and keep an eye on the evolution of your metrics

Using our NPS survey software, schedule the sending of your satisfaction surveys automatically according to the sending method of your choice, either by SMS or email. Be sure to follow best practices and send your surveys one to two hours after an experiment. Thereafter, our NPS software, with an average response rate of 57% per text message (SMS) and 49% per email, will give you valuable feedback to improve your customer experience.

Following these surveys, InputKit automatically converts your customers’ responses into performance indicators based on the questions asked. This valuable data, centralized on our intuitive dashboard, will give you a clear picture of the many factors that directly impact your customer satisfaction. Customer journey, service delivery, accessibility, customer service and more: everything will be evaluated and translated into relevant metrics to ensure continuous improvement in your customer experience.

3. Optimize your business practices based on feedback from our NPS software

After analyzing the data collected, it’s time to take action! Our NPS survey software allows you to translate your survey responses into performance indicators. Take action based on this data. Our centralized and efficient dashboard allows you to constantly follow the evolution of your metrics to optimize your practices. In this way, you will be able to offer your customers an exceptional customer experience that is fully adapted to their specific needs. Prioritize changes based on specific feedback! 

You will be able to adapt your practices, as well as the training of your employees, your products, your services and your customer journey, according to the expectations of your customers. With real-time notifications, InputKit will allow you to put in place the necessary measures to improve your customer experience!

4. Continuously evaluate the effectiveness of your organizational changes by tracking the evolution of your key metrics

InputKit allows you to be responsive to changes in your customer experience. After implementing changes to the customer experience, you can see directly through our solution whether your different metrics, such as your NPS, are improving. Then, during an optimized practice, observe the evolution of your key metrics via your corporate account dashboard. This way, you will know the impact of each change in real-time on your customers’ satisfaction.

As a result of sending your satisfaction surveys, you will be able to put in place concrete and effective measures to continuously improve the customer experience offered by your company. Constantly follow your customer feedback with our real-time notifications and rigorous monitoring of customer satisfaction. This feature will allow you to offer a customer experience that is completely adapted to your customers’ expectations and will set you apart from your competitors. 

5. Spread your positive metrics internally to motivate your employees

With our NPS software, you can automatically share every positive feedback internally to motivate and empower your employees at work. It is an indispensable asset to improve your customer experience continuously while optimizing the performance of your staff at work. 

The more your employees are aware of your data like your NPS, the more they will be aware of the importance of a good customer experience. By sharing your company’s key metrics, your employees will be able to understand the concrete impact their services have on your customers’ satisfaction. Motivate your employees: implement InputKit, the best NPS software!

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