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Increase employee retention with our employee experience optimization software

With InputKit, build loyalty and regularly interview your employees to better understand their level of job satisfaction. Through our personalized and automated satisfaction surveys, you can keep a constant eye on the needs and expectations of your existing teams. Stand out from competitive employers: implement InputKit, the employee experience management platform used by more than 1000 businesses all around the world!

85% of employees prefer companies offering accurate and regular feedback to their staff.

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Discover the benefits InputKit Employee Experience can bring you

Improve your employee experience based on powerful Pulse automated surveys

Our solution not only measures customer satisfaction, but also employee satisfaction. Through our employee satisfaction surveys, you will gain a better understanding of some issues that have a direct impact on your individual’s motivation. This way, you will be able to better adapt to their concrete needs at the moment. Our employee experience management platform will help you show your teams that their well-being is a priority for you. This consideration will set you apart as an employer and will also encourage your employees to perform at their best. This is a must for maximizing the loyalty of your staff.

With our employee experience management platform, send fully automated employee satisfaction surveys based on your current needs. Thus, ask your employees questions at the right time in order to gather rich and accurate information about their appreciation of their experience within your company. These surveys will help you understand the concrete needs of your staff in order to improve your experience and organizational culture. Our employee engagement software is a necessary asset to improve the experience of your employees!


Make informed team decisions with our one-time employee satisfaction surveys

Did you know that our employee experience management platform allows you to assess the majority’s opinion when making an important decision for your team? With InputKit, benefit from our one-time surveys to include your employees in important decisions at annual events. For example, in preparation for a recognition event, send these automated and personalized surveys to find out what your team’s preferred activities are, for example. This detailed information will help you make better decisions. This is a must for including your colleagues in your company’s group decisions. By doing so, it will allow you to show your employees that their well-being at work is your priority!  The results obtained will allow you to make informed decisions based on the opinion of the majority. 


With InputKit, you can benefit from our many survey templates for employees:

  • Our onboarding surveys to assess your employees’ satisfaction with the first three months within your organization in order to have an overall vision related to this period of adaptation.
  • Our exit interview surveys to question your employees when they leave your company to improve the employee experience on an ongoing basis.
  • Our one-time surveys to measure employee engagement.
  • And more!

With InputKit’s employee engagement software, improve the experience of your employees. Collect accurate performance indicators related to the information you want to collect. Give your employees the best experience by implementing our employee experience optimization software.

In this labor shortage, retaining my current employees is a priority issue. Without employees, I cannot serve my clients. InputKit allows me to have visibility on the satisfaction of my teams and to act quickly when something goes wrong. My employees thank me for implementing InputKit, they feel considered and pampered!

Sarah, SME Owner

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Frequently asked questions from our community! (FAQs)

What types of surveys can be sent via InputKit Employee Experience?

With our solution, you can send three types of employee surveys:

  1. Our continuous Pulse surveys help you keep an eye on the performance and motivation of your teams at work.
  2. Our one-time employee surveys allow you to organize events and activities based on the opinion of the majority.
  3. Our Feedback 360 software facilitates your annual assessment by sending your employees a self-assessment survey that they can complete at the moment of their choice.

Why should I send questionnaires to my employees?

Questioning your teams is crucial to understanding the factors that impact their job satisfaction. With our solution, you can improve your employee experience, which will increase the motivation and loyalty of your teams at work. You will retain your talents while improving the quality of your customer experience.

Will employees feel comfortable sharing their true opinion in these surveys?

With our anonymous response functionality, your employees will be able to respond transparently, at their convenience. This will allow you to gather many concrete and honest feedback to better adapt to the real needs of your staff.

What is the average time required to implement InputKit Employee Experience?

Implementing our solution takes approximately an hour and a half.  Our real-time notifications and automated reports will make it easier to track your satisfaction.


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