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Attract More New Customers With Our Automated Review Generation Software

After a customer experience, InputKit automatically asks your clients to leave you an online review in a human and personalized way. Such a strategy will allow you to improve your reputation, acquire new customers and increase your visibility on search engines. Optimize your company’s reputation by implementing InputKit, the online review collection software used by more than 1000 businesses all around the world!

Improve your online reputation with our automated review generation software

1. Create fully customized surveys based on what you want to evaluate

With our review generation software, create your own customer satisfaction surveys based on metrics that are important to you. Net Promoter Score (NPS), Customer Satisfaction (CSAT), Customer Effort Score (CES), employee performance, and more: these fully customized satisfaction surveys in your company’s colors will allow you to learn more about the quality of the services offered by your organization. Personalization of surveys is an asset offered by our review generation software. The more personalized your approach is, the more likely you are to get good response rates. Customer name, service rendered, a short message of appreciation: this human touch will allow your customer to feel considered. 

By asking your customers the right questions through our solution, you make sure you keep an eye on your key metrics in customer experience. Then, within your company, you will be able to prioritize the desired optimizations based on the recurring comments obtained. Listening to the voice of the customer is today a central element of all companies that care about the customer experience. 

2. Refer your customers to your review platforms in an automated manner

Did you know that our solution automatically suggests to your customers to leave you a positive online review? With our review generation software, you will save many hours of management while collecting many comments and reviews to improve your customer experience continuously. This way, you can show your prospects that your business is trustworthy and acquire new customers, all in record time! Following the use of our solution, our customers see on average 3 to 10 times more reviews online, which has a direct impact on their sales. 

The increase of your online reviews thanks to InputKit will not only have a direct impact on the acquisition of new customers, but also on your organic SEO. Indeed, Google prefers companies with many positive reviews to make relevant proposals to its users. Be proactive: automate your requests with InputKit, the best review generation software!

3. Track your company’s new online reviews in real-time

Once your review requests are sent, our review generation software also allows you to track customer satisfaction in real-time. Our ergonomic and centralized dashboard will let you know how your online reviews are evolving at a glance: it’s a must-have for tracking your online reputation progress. Our solution also features real-time notifications to detect dissatisfied customers quickly. This will allow you to rectify the situation and even turn some of your detractors into promoters of your brand!

With InputKit, you won’t need to visit each of your online review platforms to read your feedback. On your company’s dashboard, you can read and respond to your most recent reviews in a personalized and automated way. With InputKit, you’ll get the straight facts about your online reputation, allowing you to take steps to improve it.

4. Respond quickly and easily with our intelligent response generator

Our customer satisfaction survey software comes with an intelligent online feedback generator. This feature, combined with our unresolved reviews filter, will allow you to respond to all your reviews in a personalized way. Name of the customer, type of service provided, and more: customize your answers according to the level of satisfaction of the user in order to respond appropriately. 

If a client is dissatisfied, we suggest that you continue the discussion in private.  With our review generation software, you can rigorously monitor your customer satisfaction and resolve dissatisfactions as soon as possible. Such a strategy will demonstrate to your clients that their well-being is your priority. This will significantly increase your customer loyalty while improving your reputation.

5. Gain more credibility and attract more leads

Do you want to improve your company’s reputation? With InputKit, you can take advantage of our many tools to ensure an unforgettable customer experience while collecting a host of positive reviews. 

With our automated and personalized satisfaction surveys, ensure your customers are satisfied. This tool, along with automated requests for positive online reviews for each satisfied customer, will allow you to acquire many online reviews. These reviews will prove your credibility as a company and improve your positioning in search results. Such a strategy will allow you to increase your online visibility and show Internet users that your organization is trustworthy. Our review generation software is a must to improve your reputation and acquire new customers!

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