Clinic employee evaluation

Improve your clinic employee evaluation process with our Patient Experience Solution

After a patient experience within your clinic, send automated and personalized customer satisfaction surveys to know the quality of the treatments your employees are offering to your patients. Our clinic employee evaluation software will allow you to easily evaluate the performance of your teams. Implement InputKit, the trusted software used by more than 1000 businesses all around the world.

Improve your patient experience by providing motivating and constructive feedback to your employees

1. Send surveys that give your patients an opportunity to express their views on the service they receive in the clinic

With our clinic employee evaluation solution, you can automatically and individually interview your patients for a wide range of patient feedback. Through InputKit, schedule your surveys to be sent at the best time, one to two hours after an appointment. These surveys have an average response rate of 57% per text message (SMS) and 49% per email, allowing you to gather valuable feedback, regardless of the selected sending method. With these comments, opinions and proposals, you will be able to make informed decisions and optimize the practices of your clinic according to the current needs and expectations of your patient.

With our patient feedback software, you can motivate and hold your employees accountable for the quality of the treatments performed. Question your patients regularly to ensure the quality of your services, the courtesy of your secretaries, the simplicity of making appointments and the relevance of your treatments. Be proactive: benefit from InputKit and rely on customer feedback to better assess your employees’ performance!

2. View individual employee data in a dashboard

With our clinic employee evaluation software, send your satisfaction surveys consistently and at the right time to get accurate and relevant feedback on the quality of your treatments and services. These reviews and comments will then be automatically converted into a performance metric per employee dashboard. With InputKit, you can save many hours of management and learn more about the quality of treatments awarded by your teams at a glance!

Get valuable insights from our team of employee experience experts to discover ways to share your customer feedback to optimize employee performance measurement. This way, you can collect individual performance reports per employee, which will allow you to easily evaluate your colleagues following an appointment. In addition, with our patient feedback app, you can ensure the continuous evolution of the performance of your teams in the clinic. This is a tremendous asset in motivating and empowering your employees at work.

3. Track the progress of each employee’s score to see how things are going

After your patient satisfaction surveys are sent automatically, our clinic employee evaluation solution will help you ensure that your team’s performance continues to evolve. This will help you improve your treatments while keeping your staff motivated in the clinic. Accompanied by real-time notifications, our solution will allow you to manage patient dissatisfactions in order to rectify the situation if needed. 

Through our centralized dashboard, constantly monitor the evolution of metrics related to your employees. You will thus see the concrete impact of your optimized practices on the satisfaction of your patient. This valuable data will allow you to adapt your services, treatments and training used according to the concrete needs of your patients. Our patient feedback app is a must for optimizing your continuous patient experience!

4. Offer specific and motivating feedback by sharing feedback from your patients

Through our patient feedback software, send automated and personalized satisfaction surveys to your patient after each appointment to collect feedback related to the performance of your staff. These constructive and accurate comments will allow you to hold your teams accountable for the quality of the treatments offered, but also to motivate them in the work done.

With InputKit, you can automatically share the positive and motivating feedback from your satisfied patients with your clinic staff. For each review or comment you receive, you can highlight the successes of your teams by sharing directly with them the satisfaction of their patients. Recognition, constructive feedback, positive reviews, recommendations, and many more: take advantage of our clinic employee evaluation software to better understand your patients’ real-world needs and expectations. This way, your employees will be able to offer their patients a unique, personalized experience adapted to their needs of the moment to better satisfy and retain them. This is a must for your clinic employee evaluation!

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