Patient experience survey tools

Optimize your patient experience by automating the sending of patient satisfaction surveys

After a clinic appointment or treatment, track your patient satisfaction in a personalized and automated way to adapt your services to their needs. With our patient experience survey tools, you will be able to ensure the quality of your treatments in the clinic while offering your patient an unforgettable experience. Automatically interview your patients with InputKit, the patient feedback software used by more than 1000 businesses all around the world.

Improve your patient experience with high-performance, automated patient satisfaction surveys

1. Create fully customized surveys based on what you want to evaluate in terms of patient experience

Using our patient experience survey tools, create your own patient satisfaction surveys to evaluate the metrics you want to measure in your clinic. Net Promoter Score (NPS), Customer Effort Score (CES), Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT), and more: our automated and personalized patient feedback software will give you the straight facts about your patient’s concrete needs.

Take advantage of our many patient satisfaction survey templates as well as support offered by our team of experts to write your surveys in record time. These surveys can be customized according to the client’s name, the treatment received, and the colors of your clinic. Our patient experience survey tools will allow you to carry out a rigorous follow-up of your patient satisfaction. This will provide you with valuable feedback to continually improve your patient experience. Benefit from InputKit, the best patient feedback app, to measure metrics that matter to you while saving valuable management time!

2. Select your sending method and schedule your surveys at the appropriate time after an appointment

With our patient experience survey tools, determine the automated sending method of your choice, either by email or SMS. Through InputKit, follow best practices: schedule your satisfaction survey to be sent one to two hours after an appointment or treatment is received to obtain accurate and relevant feedback. 

With an average response rate of 57% per text message (SMS) and 49% per email, our patient feedback app allows you to get valuable patient feedback no matter what sending method you choose. Our centralized dashboard with real-time notifications will help you optimize your processes for a memorable patient experience. With InputKit, you will save many hours of management while minimizing patient dissatisfaction within your clinic. Take advantage of our patient experience survey tools to offer your patient a rigorous follow-up as well as treatments adapted to their needs.

3. Collect the results of your surveys in a performant and centralized dashboard

For each completed survey, our patient experience survey tools automatically collect the results obtained in order to translate them into performance indicators (NPS, CSAT, and CES) as well as metrics of your choice for your clinic. Gone are the days when you had to calculate everything manually: with InputKit, you will benefit from a powerful tool that automatically calculates metrics related to your patient satisfaction surveys. This will save you several hours of management!

InputKit’s intuitive and efficient dashboard allows you to validate your patient’s overall satisfaction at a glance. In addition, our unresolved reviews filter and real-time notifications will allow you to quickly manage your patient reviews while correcting the situation in case of dissatisfaction. This is an essential asset to proactively observe and manage your patient experience!

Offer complementary products or care to your patients according to their satisfaction

Did you know that our patient experience survey tools also offer cross-selling functionality? If you are interested in this feature, it is possible to automate the suggestion of complementary products or treatments to patients based on their recent purchases or treatments received. This feature will allow you to increase your annual revenue while providing your patients with a personalized experience. 

Did you know that 60% of clinic patients are inclined to buy a recommended product when cross-selling? With InputKit, offer products and treatments in an automated way to increase patient retention. In this way, you will show your patients that you are listening to their concrete needs through your rigorous and relevant follow-up. A complementary product offered to a satisfied patient has a high probability of generating cross-selling!

5. Continuously improve your patient experience and retain your patients

With our patient feedback software, you can improve your treatments and adapt them to the real needs of your patient. This valuable feedback will allow you to offer personalized follow-up based on the results obtained. This will have a positive impact on the loyalty of your patient.

Carefully analyze your patient’s feedback to optimize your patient experience. Whether it’s the customer journey, customer service, assigned treatments or employee performance, InputKit offers automated satisfaction tracking that will allow you to act proactively and efficiently. Benefit from our patient experience survey tools to show your patient that their well-being is your priority!

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