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What are the benefits of InputKit Customer Experience surveys?

In this labour shortage, save time by automating your customer satisfaction tracking via text messages (SMS) and emails.

Detect customer dissatisfaction in real time before it’s too late.

Evaluate your employees based on concrete customer feedback.

Benefit from a centralized dashboard to access your customer experience performance indicators.

Increase your revenue through cross-selling.

Continually improve your customer experience based on the real needs of your customers.

Encourage your ambassadors to leave you a positive online review to gain credibility with prospects.

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More than 520 customers worldwide send surveys via InputKit

With an investment of $3,000 a year, I can easily say that we are making 10 times the investment, or 30,000 more in our revenue with InputKit, particularly because of the increase in online reviews generated by the solution.
Joelle Archambault

Director of Brands and Processes at Béton Surface

Now, with InputKit, I can analyze customer needs with automated surveys in minutes. It saves me about two hours of tracking and management per day. We also get about five times more Google reviews than before. At InputKit, there is always someone to help us. The proposed surveys are simple to use and automated. I couldn’t live without it.
Alain Gauthier

Director of Communications and Customer Service at Point S

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Discover Inputkit in 15 minutes at the moment of your convenience.