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9 Employee Evaluation Tips for Employers

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In the current context of the labor shortage, recruiting and retaining employees is a major challenge for many organizations. Many sectors are affected and have difficulty recruiting talent. How do you stand out as an employer in terms of human resources in the competitive job market? In this particular context, it is all the more important to put in place initiatives to motivate and retain your current employees. Many employees appreciate receiving feedback and evaluations in connection related to the work accomplished. This allows them to feel important and valued in their position, which contributes to their overall motivation. To do this, you must ensure that effective employee evaluation processes are in place.

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How to do relevant employee evaluations? Without further ado, we have some employee evaluation tips for you!

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1. Don’t wait for the annual employee evaluation before giving feedback to your employees

Some managers wait for the annual review before providing feedback to their employees. Often due to time constraints, this practice is not ideal, as continuous feedback helps to motivate your employees throughout the year. It also allows you to take the pulse of the morale of your teams and discuss the overall atmosphere at work. Although there is no magic formula to determine the optimal frequency of employee evaluation and feedback meetings, it may be relevant to schedule at least one meeting once a month with your employees, on an individual basis, to discuss the successes and the challenges to overcome. It will also help create an atmosphere of dialogue and openness since the employee will feel that you are taking the time to care about their current situation. Also, if an employee works directly with your customers and you receive feedback from your customers, feel free to share that feedback as you go. This will give feedback on an action that has been carried out recently, while it is fresh in their memory! Certainly, incorporating this employee evaluation tip will be enriching for your processes.

2. Choose the right time for your employee evaluation

In all types of communications, the timing has an impact on how the message is received. Do you feel your employees are more stressed due to a big project in progress? This might not be the best time for your employee evaluation. Also, if an employee is going through a difficult personal situation, this may not be the right time to schedule an assessment. Be careful about the timing of your employee review meeting. This will ensure that the discussion has the expected effect. This is an employee evaluation tip that will definitely benefit you!

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3. Take notes throughout the year

The most rewarding employee evaluations are those that contain concrete findings. Do not wait until the day before the evaluation before remembering the successes of your employees. By learning all year around about some interesting achievements or challenges to overcome, you will be better equipped when the time comes to assess your employees. Taking notes through employee files will definitely help you. To summarize this employee evaluation tip: plan ahead as a manager or human resources manager and collect feedback throughout the year!

4. Put emphasis on the positive

Employees appreciate receiving recognition. Don’t forget it during your employee evaluation meetings! In today’s workforce environment, if you don’t recognize the value of your employees, they will feel devalued and prefer to work for an employer who knows how to provide positive feedback. The idea is not to avoid all criticism, but rather, to emphasize the positive. Afterward, once the positive comments have been made, it is normal to address certain items to work on. Everything is in the way of presenting the criticism. Show empathy and go for solution mode. While it is constructive to put forward certain elements to work on, the key is to suggest and discuss avenues for improvement! Training, mentoring, additional help from colleagues: several solutions exist to help your employees improve. This is an employee evaluation tip to remember!

5. Establish and communicate employee evaluation criterias

In order to meet your expectations, your employee must know what are the objectives on which you are going to evaluate them. These criteria can be as much related to know-how (skills) as to interpersonal skills (overall interpersonal skills). This will allow him to know which criteria will be evaluated during the evaluation meetings. Also, be sure to set realistic and achievable goals, otherwise, your employees will become demotivated. As a manager, make sure you create an environment conducive to growth and improvement through training and coaching to ensure that goals are met when challenges arise. Quick employee evaluation tip: transparency related to the objectives, prior to the time of the evaluation, will avoid unpleasant surprises when the time comes!

6. When evaluating employees, have concrete examples to put forward through customer feedback

Providing feedback to your employees is great, but basing it on concrete feedback and examples is even better! If your employees work directly in the customer service department, be sure to provide them with feedback that comes directly from customers. A customer experience and employee experience solution such as InputKit allows you to send satisfaction surveys to your customers via email or SMS following a service rendered. Once the survey is completed, you can view the results obtained for each employee working in customer service. The dashboard allows you to have better visibility into the work of your employees and to offer very concrete feedback, whether it is good moves or items to work on. This employee evaluation tip can make your life easier in your employee evaluation process.

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7. During the meeting, allow time for the employee to speak

The evaluation meeting with your employees is above all a time for discussion. It is a great opportunity to learn how your employees feel. The conversation doesn’t have to be one-way! It is important to let the employee speak. This will make them feel listened to and considered during this meeting, which can prove to be stressful for some. To conduct an interesting assessment, bet on openness. And why not let your employee prepare in advance by providing a recap of successes and challenges to overcome? It can even give you feedback in terms of human resources on how you are managing your team, which is a very valuable and beneficial employee evaluation tip!

8. Ask the employee what they would like to accomplish in the next year

It is important to take care of your employees to motivate them and retain them. By asking your employees certain questions related to their wishes and aspirations, you will be able to offer them what they want in the months to come. For example, if an employee dreams of acquiring new expertise, why not take it into account and offer him training on the subject? To keep an employee for the long term, you have to know what would make them vibrate in the long term! The employee review meeting is a good time to discuss aspirations for the future.

9. Following the employee evaluation, determine the impact on your teams

For this final employee evaluation tip, we suggest doing a bit of introspection. To see how effective your employee review processes are, it may be relevant to see what happens as a result of the reviews. Do morale and motivation seem high, or is there a climate of disappointment and tension? This can be a good indicator that the employee evaluation process needs to be reviewed. The goal is for the review process to be beneficial to the organization. Be introspective and humble as a manager and seek the help of human resources experts if you feel the need to!


Finally, we hope that these employee evaluation tips will facilitate the evaluation of your employees. These evaluation meetings allow you to discuss and learn more about your employees. Seize this opportunity by integrating these best practices. With that in mind, we wish you good evaluations!


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