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How to Attract Top Talent? 9 Tips for Attracting Talent

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Companies are finding it increasingly difficult to hire and retain the best candidates. According to the Canada Human Resources Center, 75% of Canadian employees are disengaged toward their workplace. If we rely on the same source, 15% of them are disengaged to such an extent that they actively harm your organization. This is definitely an issue impacting the retention of your employees and the quality of your customer experience!

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In this context, how to attract top talents to your company in this labor shortage? Create a memorable employee experience and competitive working conditions. By showing talent that their well-being is their top priority, they will be much more likely to offer the best of themselves to ensure the success of your business! How can you attract and retain top talents within your company? In this article, discover nine tips on the subject.

Why is it important to attract top talent within your business?

The retention of your talent has a crucial impact on the quality of the services offered by your company. After all, your employees are the heart of your business: they are the ones who connect with customers, create a memorable experience and achieve your organizational vision. In this sense, it is important to know how to attract top talents that will meet your organizational objectives.

By attracting and retaining talent within your company, you will benefit from several advantages:

  • A high quality customer experience;
  • Ensure the continuous service of your company;
  • Remain competitive with competitors;
  • More experienced and productive employees;
  • Better customer retention;
  • And more!

By investing in your employee experience, you will recruit the best talent. Be proactive: build an exceptional and competitive employee experience. This is how to attract and retain top talents in your business!

How to attract top talents in your business?

9 tips to attract talent in your business

Talent acquisition plays a significant role in the success of your business. It is through motivated, ambitious and proactive employees that you can offer your customers a quality experience.

How can you attract and retain top talents to convince them to work for you? Benefit from our nine tips on the subject to become an exceptional employer.

1. Post inviting job offers

How can you attract top talents to your company? Publish inviting job offers that are representative of your organization!

To help you, here are some good practices to publish interesting job offers to attract new employees to your company:

  • Write honestly, clearly and in detail the responsibilities and qualifications related to the job;
  • Use simple and understandable vocabulary for everyone;
  • Disclose your company’s values to target candidates who share them;
  • Put forward your special benefits and working conditions that distinguish your company (gym membership, meals provided, etc.).
  • Be transparent and include the salary of the job in the offer;
  • Summarize why your business is a great place to work!

Then, once drafted, post your job offers on the recruitment platforms of your choice. LinkedIn, Indeed, SimplyHired, Neuvoo, multiple options are available!

Remember that these job offers are your first contact with your potential talent. In this sense, it is important that they are neat, accurate and in the image of your company!

2. Look after your employer brand

Imagine: you have been looking for a job for some time. You finally find an interesting offer for which you are qualified for. Of course, you want to find out about the company before you apply for the job. However, you are surprised by your findings…

The organization’s social networks seem empty and have very little content. The latest publications are several months old. In addition, their website is completely outdated. Loading time, broken links and chaotic structure make any information difficult to access. You will continue to search online review platforms such as Glassdoor and Indeed. However, the company has virtually no ratings from its employees. Discouraged, you decide to look for an organization that takes better care of its brand image.

If you are wondering how to attract top talents, know that a good employer brand is good for acquiring new employees. For this purpose, be sure to regularly publish on your social networks, maintain your website and write clear, precise and detailed job offers. You could even encourage your satisfied employees to leave you positive and detailed reviews online to promote your qualities as an employer. This will attract many talents to your company!

3. Ensure your actual employees’ well-being at work

How to attract top talents within your business? You must first have a good reputation as an employer. In order to achieve this, what better way than to ensure the satisfaction of your current employees?

Regularly send employee satisfaction surveys to your teams to learn more about the issues impacting their motivation at work. Then, analyze the results to continuously improve your employee experience. These informed decisions based on concrete needs will let your teams know how much their workplace well-being is your priority!

One thing after another, happier employees at work will result in a better performance, but also a better reputation! In addition to being committed to your organization, these ambassadors will let your prospects know how much you are an employer of choice. Positive word of mouth, detailed online reviews, and recommendations to their family and friends: you will benefit from several references to attract new talent to your company. Definitely, keep the satisfaction of your current teams in mind when wondering how to attract top talents within your business!

4. Offer attractive salary and competitive benefits that are different from your competitors

How can you attract and retain top talents within your company? Set up an attractive salary and competitive benefits to set you apart from your competitors! These working conditions adapted to the assigned position will certainly convince many candidates to apply for your organization.

To build competitive benefits that are different from other employers, look at employee experience trends. Survey your teams regularly to find out how satisfied they are with their current benefits. This way, you can stand out from your competitors while offering your talents a unique and exceptional experience!

How to attract top talents with exceptional working conditions? Here are a few examples of great social benefits you can offer:

  • A competitive salary adapted to the position held;
  • A flexible schedule;
  • Bonuses based on the individual performance of employees;
  • Many paid holidays;
  • An RRSP for employees;
  • Drug and dental insurance;
  • Life and death insurance;
  • An Employee Assistance Program (EAP);
  • Reimbursement of gym fees;
  • Your employee’s cellular plan payment;
  • In case of working from home, a computer and internet access paid by the employer;
  • And more!

Stand out as an employer: offer your teams competitive working conditions that will ensure their well-being and happiness within your company. This is how to attract top talents in your organization!



5. Have a simple, clear and effective recruitment process in place

When you’re asking yourself how to attract top talent, a clear, precise and simple recruitment process is needed to achieve your goal. After all, no one wants to be left without news for several weeks after a job interview!

To attract the attention of the best candidates, take care of your recruitment processes. Keep your process simple, in a few clear and defined steps. For example, after a phone call to break the ice, you may arrange a more formal interview. Following this formal interview, a test to validate the skills may be required. As a result of that review, for a specified period of time, the employer makes a choice. If successful, a meeting is scheduled to formalize the hiring and present the contract.

In addition, a good practice is to post the steps of your recruitment process on your corporate website. This way, you will avoid unpleasant surprises and your candidates will know what to expect. Finally, once hired, do not neglect your onboarding process. This is a crucial step in retaining your new talent.

Remember that a simple, clear and accurate recruitment process will attract many talents to your organization. Take this advice when thinking about how to attract top talents to your business!

6. Be flexible as an employer

Did you know that flexibility is one of the most important issues for your employees? According to Fit Small Business, 76% of employees want flexibility in choosing their workplace. According to the same source, 93% of employees also want a flexible employer for the hours of work allocated. This statistic proves that well-being at work and flexibility are closely linked!

How to attract top talents to your organization? Be flexible with your teams. Give them a flexible schedule based on their availability, and allow them to take time off during special events, stressful periods or important appointments. In the same vein, why not give your employees who live away from the office the opportunity to telework? These small intentions will show your staff that their well-being is a priority for you. Such working conditions will soon attract talent to your company!

7. Build on the positive recognition you offer to your current employees

According to CoCoworker’s study, 76% of employees consider peer recognition as the main factor affecting their well-being at work. It is therefore crucial to regularly show your teams that you recognize their good work in order to ensure their well-being. Such a strategy will increase the performance and motivation of your teams while attracting the attention of potential candidates to your company.

How to attract top talents while standing out as an employer? Here are seven tips to help you improve employee recognition at work:

  • On your social networks, put your employees forward by sharing their successes;
  • During colleague meetings, ask your managers to share the successes of each employee;
  • Provide clear, positive, and detailed feedback to show your teams that you are attentive to their good work;
  • With a solution like InputKit, share with your teams the positive feedback from satisfied customers;
  • Organize group activities to show your recognition;
  • Foster an organizational culture of respect, trust and recognition among colleagues;
  • Build small intentions in the office to show your employees how proud you are of their good work.

A respectful and recognition-based work environment will certainly give you a good reputation as an employer. Keep this advice in mind when wondering how to attract top talents to your business!

8. Identify your values and assets and put them forward!

Talent is focused on joining an authentic business with values they can relate to. To this end, take care to establish a corporate culture based on respect, trust and mutual aid. This will have a beneficial effect on the retention of your current employees while attracting new talent!

How to attract top talents to your company? Ensure that your values are respected in order to create a good working environment. Promote your organizational culture within your company to earn a good reputation as an employer. This will show your prospects that you are the best choice for them! On your social networks and recruiting platforms, highlight your core values as a company. Explain how these values impact your business and decision-making on a day-to-day basis. In an interview, why not give concrete examples of how your company lives its values on a daily basis? Your candidates will be charmed to see that you take action according to your key values!

9. Provide an inspiring work environment

It is well known that a work environment that is up to date is very motivating for employees. After all, your teams go above and beyond at work and probably want to work in an inspiring and soothing workplace. With that in mind, how to attract top talent with the perfect work environment?

Create a work environment that encourages creativity and communication. This strategy will allow you to ensure the well-being of your current employees while attracting new talent. If your company works in a collaborative space, be sure to select a modern, clean, and up-to-date building. Choose a neighborhood of choice so your colleagues can get some fresh air and take walks to relieve stress. In addition, it can be interesting to have an office with many windows to benefit from beautiful natural light. Incorporate plants to add life to your workspace. You can also create a collaborative space for moments of relaxation. A break room with a coffee machine, complimentary drinks, and company-provided snacks will be a motivating factor for your employees. By bringing your work environments up to date, you will be able to attract multiple employees to your organization. Remember this advice to learn how to attract top employees within your business!

How can InputKit be used to attract potential candidates?

If you are implementing InputKit solution within your company, you can highlight its many advantages to attract potential candidates. For example, you could bet on the fact that InputKit’s turnkey solution allows you to automatically share the positive feedback of your satisfied customers with your employees! This feature will allow you to motivate your teams for optimal performance while showing them recognition at work. With this tool, you will certainly improve your reputation as an employer, which will make the best candidates to apply for your organization!

Also, did you know that InputKit will soon be able to send employee satisfaction surveys? This is another element to highlight on your website or in your job offers. Through these surveys, you are demonstrating that you will be able to take action based on the real needs of your teams in order to improve your continuous employee experience. Intake and onboarding surveys for new employees, exit interviews, assessment of relationships between colleagues and managers, and more – take advantage of our many templates to start the conversation with your staff. Such proactivity and responsiveness as an employer will certainly attract new talent to your company. This is how InputKit can attract many top talents to your business!

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Finally, as mentioned, in this labor shortage, learning how to attract top talents to your business can be particularly challenging. First of all, look after your employer brand and publish attractive job offers. Create a simple, clear and effective recruitment process to maximize your chances of success.

To attract and retain talent, satisfy your current employees with flexibility, recognition and competitive working conditions. Create a contemporary work environment to show your teams and candidates that their well-being is a priority. .

Do you need additional support to retain your talent at work? If this is your case, we invite you to schedule a free, customized demo of our solution at your convenience. We look forward to helping you optimize your employee experience!


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