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How to create the perfect employee questionnaire? And how often to send it? Find out the answer now in this article!

19 minutes

In this article, discover 8 job satisfaction criteria. Our valuable advice will definitely help you stand out as an employee!

19 minutes

Increasing employee retention is an issue that many companies face! Discover our valuable tips for retaining your employees!

27 minutes

Retaining corporate talent is a challenge for many managers. How to attract and retain talent in the workplace? Discover 9 tips in our article!

22 minutes

To stand out as an employer, it is important to be able to offer constructive and positive feedback to your employees. In our article on the subject, discover 11 tips to better motivate your teams in your employee performance reviews!

17 minutes

Employee engagement can be a real factor in business failure or success. In our article, discover 10 best practices to maximize the engagement of your teams. We are also sharing 35 examples of questions to ask in an employee satisfaction survey.

33 minutes

To ensure your employees are motivated, it is important to recognize the efforts they make to complete the required tasks. How can you show more recognition at work? Follow our 10 tips in our article on the subject!

26 minutes

To increase your talent retention, you first need to know their real needs. What better way to do this than to survey your employees regularly? Discover 46 templates of questions to ask in your satisfaction surveys for your staff!

30 minutes

In this time of labour shortage, it is important to know how to motivate your employees to their work in order to ensure their retention. How can you better satisfy your teams and stand out as an employer? Learn the answer in our article!

30 minutes

In this labour shortage, retaining your talent is a crucial issue to ensure the success of your business. To get there, be sure to offer a quality onboarding to your new employees. Discover 9 tips on the subject!

28 minutes

As a manager, it can sometimes be difficult to cope with employee turnover. How do you engage and retain your teams at work? In our article, discover the benefits of a good employee experience, as well as 13 tips for improving it.

35 minutes

Your employees are at the heart of your business. It is important to measure their satisfaction with their working conditions to optimize their motivation, satisfaction, and performance within your company. Take advantage of our 11 tips to measure and improve the motivation of your teams at work!

29 minutes

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