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Survey Invitation Examples : 13 Best Practices + Examples

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As a business manager, it can sometimes seem difficult to strike the perfect balance between soliciting feedback from your customers and not disturbing them.While feedback from your clients is necessary to provide them with quality services, it can be complex to know the right time and the right wording to use when inviting them to complete a survey. Is that your case?

Know that this kind of concern is perfectly legitimate!

It is important to rely on best practices to know how to solicit clients for a survey. After all, some approaches have proven successful and will allow you to have better response rates to your customer satisfaction surveys. Without further ado, we offer you 13 best practices accompanied by survey invitation examples to adoptæ right now!

Why send customer satisfaction surveys?

Building a good customer experience doesn’t happen by accident. It happens by design.” This quote from Clare Muscutt, founder of CMXperience, attests to the importance of adapting a company’s customer experience to the needs of its customers. However, to ensure your customers’ satisfaction, you need to understand their expectations of your brand and your services.

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To understand these expectations, the creation of a customer satisfaction survey may allow you to discover areas of improvement that you would not have considered otherwise. By designing a satisfaction survey, you encourage your customers to express themselves freely about the services and products offered by your company. Afterwards, you will be able to collect these reviews in order to adapt your service offer according to the needs of your customers. This will allow you to optimize your customer experience and show your customers that it is a priority for you. In that vein, sending an invitation to complete a satisfaction survey can even help you increase your customer retention!

Pourquoi envoyer des questionnaires de satisfactions à ses clientsA study conducted by Financial Training shows that 96% of dissatisfied customers do not complain to the company concerned, and that 91% will never come back to you after a bad customer experience. In this sense, sending an invitation to complete a survey allows you to obtain the opinion of your dissatisfied clients. This will help you understand the source of their dissatisfaction, and find some flaws in your customer experience. You can even offer your dissatisfied customers a way to rectify the situation, which may allow you to regain their trust. That’s why it’s important to create a customer satisfaction survey for your business, as well as to study good survey invitation examples!

The importance of having a good invitation to complete a survey

Once the design of your survey is complete, you must now send it to your customers. However, to get the answers that will allow you to initiate a customer experience improvement strategy, your customers must first want to complete your survey!

As a result, an invitation to complete a survey becomes an important asset for your customer retention. Indeed, it is the wording and clarity of your invitation that will determine whether your client will respond to your satisfaction survey. Thus, a message that follows the best practices of an invitation to complete a survey will generate a response rate that will allow you to optimize your company’s customer experience. This is why it’s important to learn from good survey invitation examples!

Remember that every response from your customers matters. With these feedbacks, you will be able to adapt your services to the needs of your clients. This is why it is crucial to pay close attention to the drafting of your invitation to complete a customer satisfaction survey. Keep this in mind when you will want to gain inspiration from survey invitation examples.

Choose your sending method to adapt your approach

When the completion of your satisfaction survey is complete and your questions are written, it is now time to select your sending platform. For a completely automated sending of your invitation to respond to a survey, there are two options to choose from : emails and SMS.

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By automatically sending your invitation to complete a survey, you will be able to save several hours of management time in order to focus on priority tasks. Using this method, you will no longer have to write and send each message individually. Keep this in mind when you are looking for survey invitation examples!

You want to automate sending your invitation to complete a satisfaction survey, but don’t know which platform to choose? To help you make an informed choice, here are the benefits of automating your messages via SMS as well as email.

By text message (SMS) : the benefits

Once you have finished designing your survey, you can schedule to send it via SMS. This method will allow you to reach your customers fast.

Would you like to schedule an invitation to answer a survey by text message? If so, here are the benefits you will have :

  • Text messages allow immediate contact with your customers, since most people have their phones with them at all times ;
  • They have a higher rate of openness and response to emails ;
  • The 160 character limit ensures a clear and concise message that will attract the customer’s eye ;

Many receive audio notifications when texts are received, which will capture the customer’s attention when the survey is received.

By email : the benefits

You would like to automate sending an invitation to respond to a survey, but are reluctant to use SMS? If so, emails are also a great way to get your customers to respond to you automatically!

Here are the many benefits of sending an invitation to respond to a survey via email :

  • Emails are a medium understood by more people than text messages (SMS) ;
  • They allow to include messages longer than texts ;
  • For a web-based customer experience, it is easier to survey customers via email rather than SMS, since emails have no geographical boundaries ;

You can notify your customers of your future survey through a newsletter, which can have a positive impact on the response rate of your survey.

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Best practices in sending an invitation to respond to a survey via text message (SMS)

Exemple lettre invitation répondre à un questionnaire smsYou have completed the design of your survey and have chosen to automate sending it via SMS. However, are you aware of the best practices for sending an invitation to respond to a survey by text message?

Are you looking for survey invitation examples? We’ve got some for you! To help you, here are six best practices with survey invitation examples to apply when inviting you to respond to a questionnaire via SMS :

Include your first name and the name of your company : Since SMS is one of the most used means of communication, it is important to know how to stand out. At the beginning of your text message, enter your first name followed by your company name so that your customer knows who you are at first glance. This will prevent them from confusing you with spam! Including the name of a human will definitely be a favorable element in terms of opening your messages.

Personalize your message : While automating your invitations is an essential asset to save hours of management, it’s crucial to keep a human touch with your customers. In that vein, consider including your client’s name and the type of service you provided them with in your message. It is also recommended that you prioritize the use of “I” instead of “We” to emphasize communication from one human being to another. These best practices will allow you to add a personal touch to your message, which will encourage your customer to complete your survey!

Get to the point: Keep in mind that a text message has a limit of 160 characters. In this sense, it is important to write a clear and concise message to prevent your text from being cut, but also to avoid losing your client. Thus, in a few lines, the guest should know the subject of the SMS, as well as the purpose of the survey. If you apply our tips, you will be able to create an SMS as great as our survey invitation examples!

Give an estimate of the time it takes to complete the survey: If it is easy to contact your customers by SMS, it should not be forgotten that they may have a very busy schedule. Therefore, including your survey estimate in your invitation may encourage them to complete it. However, be careful not to lie about the completion time in your invitation to complete a survey, at the risk of losing the trust of your customers. This is a key step regarding great survey invitation examples!

Include a Call to Action at the end of your SMS: Once your invitation to respond to a written questionnaire is completed, it is important to include a Call to Action. At the end of your message, include the URL of your survey, and write a sentence to cordially invite your client to complete it. Make sure there’s space around the link so your customer can spot your CTA at first glance! This is one of many good survey invitation examples!

Use a local phone number : One of the first things your customer will see when they receive the SMS is the regional indicator. In this sense, use a point of sale from the same region as the customer to send your survey via SMS. Sharing the same regional indicator will give your customer confidence in your SMS, which will increase your opening rate!

Thank the client for their time: Remember that the client gives you part of the day to complete your survey. In this vein, it is important to thank him for the effort, if only by highlighting the impact his answers can have on his future in-store experience. This way, your customer will understand how much their feedback is appreciated!

A survey invitation example via SMS

Phillipe from Sport Expert : Hello Mr. Tremblay,
We want to make sure our service has lived up to your expectations, so we’d like to get your feedback by answering a few quick questions.
Our survey can be completed in less than 60 seconds.
Give your feedback now : [Insert URL of your CTA].
Thank you so much for your time!


Bests practices for sending an invitation to respond to a survey via email

Exemple lettre invitation repondre a un questionnaire via courrielOnce you have completed your questionnaire and chosen its delivery platform, it is now time to consider writing your invitation. However, writing the perfect message to get your customers to complete your survey is not an easy task!

How do I write an invitation to respond to a survey via email? If you’re looking for good survey invitation examples, here are 7 best practices accompanied by survey invitation examples to encourage your customers to complete your satisfaction survey :

Optimize the subject line of your email : The majority of customers decide to open their email based on the subject line. Therefore, it is important to stand out from the crowd with a subject line that will allow your customers to distinguish you from spam. For example, when you write your subject line, include your name and your company, along with the type of service provided to your customer. This will make it easier for your customer to identify you, encouraging them to open your message.

Write a short message: Like SMS, it’s important to keep your message short to avoid losing your customer. Make sure the customer knows the purpose of your survey in a few lines. Also, avoid adding superfluous content like an upcoming event. This will keep your text clear and concise!

Personalize your email : Since emails can take longer than text messages, use them to personalize them! Sign your name with your company name, name your customer at the beginning of the message, explain to your guest the reason for sending the questionnaire based on the type of service / product they received. There are several ways to customize an invitation to complete a questionnaire. For example, prioritizing “I” instead of “Us” can give your email a more human touch, which will encourage your customers to share their true opinion with you!

Explain how their responses will benefit the customer experience: Sometimes it can be discouraging for a customer to complete a survey if they feel their opinion will not change anything. Therefore, one of the best survey invitation examples would be to explain the purpose of your survey. Consider sharing with your customer the impact their opinion will have on their future experience: it will make them feel important, and encourage them to complete your survey!

Indicate the time required to complete the survey : As explained for the SMS, your clients will be more likely to complete your survey if they know their completion time. Include an accurate estimate of the time required to complete your survey, and make sure it takes less than 60 seconds to optimize your completion rate. Put the estimate in bold so that the customer knows the time required at a glance : this will allow them to respond when they can!

Include a call to action in your email: Once you have completed your invitation to complete a survey, it’s time to include your call to action. By email, it is recommended to include the link of your CTA as a button of a bright color so that it differs from the rest of the text. Accept your call to action with a friendly message, such as “Give My Opinion”, to include your client’s action in your text. This visual interest will give your invitation a neat look that your client will notice at first glance. This is a good idea to keep in mind when looking at survey invitation examples!

Thank the client for completing the survey: Remember that your client is doing you a favor when they accept your invitation to complete a survey. As such, take the time to thank them for the time they allotted to you and reiterate that their answers will be used to improve their experience within your company. Your client will be more likely to complete your survey if they feel appreciated and know the importance of their opinion!

A survey invitation example via email

Subject line : Mr. Tremblay, how did your meeting with Andreanne go?

Good morning Mr. Tremblay,
I want to make sure that my team has met your expectations. That’s why I would like to get your opinion on your experience by answering a few quick questions.
Our survey takes less than 1 minute to complete.
Your testimony will help me improve your next experience with my company. I value your opinion and thank you for taking the time to give your opinion.
You can reply anonymously at the link below:
[Include your CTA URL].


How InputKit can help you send surveys to your customers

If you don’t know how to formulate your invitation to complete a survey, or how to schedule an automatic survey, InputKit is here to help. With our automated Customer Experience Assessment and Improvement solution, you’ll be able to access our survey invitation examples to create a message in your own colors, with ease. In addition, our unlimited French support with an easy-to-use interface will allow you to write a personalized invitation without any difficulty.

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In addition, our solution targets satisfied customers to prompt them to leave a notice at the right time. Thanks to our response rate of 49% via email and 57% via text, you’ll be sure to get valuable feedback to improve your customer experience.

At InputKit, we use best practices to send your customer questionnaire at the right time. For this purpose, it is recommended to send yoursurvey one to two hours after the customer experience, which positively impacts the response rate obtained. For example, waiting a day can reduce the response rate by 50% and after a week it can reduce the response rate by 75%. Give yourself the best chance by sending your surveys at the right time!

Our many integrations allow you to centralize your data for optimal management of your branches. Whether you are a dental clinic or a home installation and service specialist, you will be able to transform your survey responses automatically into performance indicators. Our survey satisfaction examples, accompanied by our centralization of your datas, will help you to learn more about your customer satisfaction in your branches.

Email or SMS following a service

While writing an invitation to complete a survey may seem complex, there are several ways to simplify the task. When you are looking for survey invitation examples, be sure to choose an automatic sending platform to save valuable management hours, then be sure to follow the best sending practices to finalize your invitation.

Optimize your email subject line to differentiate yourself from your competitors, and sign your invitation to prevent your customers from confusing you with spam. Take the time to explain to your customers how their answers will be used to improve the customer experience, and thank them for the time they give you. Include an estimate of your survey completion time and a Call to Action to encourage your guests to complete it. Personalize it all by keeping your message clear and concise for an invitation that will increase your response rate in a jiffy. These are the key steps regarding great survey invitation examples!

Do you have any difficulty in designing your invitation to complete a survey? If you would like to benefit from the advice of our professional and motivated team, or our survey invitations examples, do not hesitate to schedule a free demo right now!

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