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To apologize to a client is not a simple thing: it is an art in itself! Discover our 6 valuable tips and examples to master the art of apologizing to a client after a mistake has been made.

18 minutes

You want to improve the quality of your customer relations? Here are 9 examples of texts to thank your customers!

11 minutes

How do you know what your customers think? Benefit from our 9 tips to improve your customer experience continuously!

15 minutes

It can be difficult to stand out as a company, especially in a field as competitive as catering. How to attract customers to restaurants? Discover our 14 tips now!

15 minutes

Are you wondering how to put a customer centric strategy among your company? Become an expert in customer centricity by discovering our valuable tips and best practices!

20 minutes

Stay on track with your customer retention! Find out how to calculate your customer retention rate to improve your retention strategies and keep as many customers as possible.

20 minutes

As new trends emerge, it is becoming increasingly crucial to know how to differentiate from competition. How to deliver a better customer experience in 2022? Discover 6 best practices for a unique and memorable customer experience.

25 minutes

Developing a lasting relationship of trust with your customers can be complex, since every human being is unique. How can you establish a relationship of trust with your customers? In our article, discover 9 relevant tips on the subject!

26 minutes

Nowadays, improving customer relations in restaurants is a real challenge in terms of customer acquisition and retention. How can you offer your customers a unique and memorable experience to show them how important they are to you? Check out our article for 9 tips on the subject!

37 minutes

To provide your clients with an unforgettable experience, you will need to set up satisfaction questionnaires to learn about your clients' concrete needs. Discover 10 answer choices for your customer satisfaction surveys, as well as 8 tips to follow when you write them!

42 minutes

Customer loyalty is important for many reasons. With this loyalty, you will ensure a stable income and attract new customers through a good reputation. Discover now 10 tips to improve customer loyalty!

18 minutes

A bad customer experience can be disastrous for your business. A customer with a bad experience may spread negative word of mouth, as well as not give you a second chance. Discover 11 examples of bad customer experiences as well as valuable tips for making things right!

30 minutes

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