Employee engagement Pulse survey tools

Validate employee satisfaction with our employee Pulse surveys

With our Pulse survey tools, improve the engagement of your employees at work. Through our fully automated surveys customized to your needs, ask your employees on a daily or weekly basis to learn more about their level of job satisfaction. Optimizing your employee experience will motivate and retain your existing teams. Stand out as an employer: implement InputKit, the employee satisfaction survey software used by more than 1000 businesses all around the world!

Improve your employee experience by automatically interviewing your teams on daily basis

1. Determine what you want to evaluate and formulate your questions via InputKit

With our employee engagement Pulse survey tools, create your own employee satisfaction surveys based on what you want to assess in terms of workplace well-being. Employee satisfaction, company culture, working conditions, relationships with peers, and more: our employee satisfaction surveys are fully personalized to your needs so you can get the truth! 

Through our employee engagement Pulse survey tools, rely on our many examples of employee satisfaction surveys and then customize your surveys based on what you really want to evaluate. Self-assessment of staff, level of job satisfaction, comments on working conditions: these valuable metrics will be collected and translated into metrics in an automated way. This will make it much easier for you to improve your continuous employee experience!


2. Schedule surveys and collect data

With our employee engagement Pulse survey tools, select the method of sending your choice, either by email or SMS. Then, make it easy to send your satisfaction surveys in a completely automated way. Our employee engagement Pulse survey tools will help you improve the quality of life of your employees at work, regardless of the sending method you choose. 

In addition, our fully automated satisfaction surveys can be completed anonymously. This way, you can get transparent, accurate and informative feedback to improve your employee experience. This feature, accompanied by centralized and automated management of your questionnaires, will allow you to have the truth about the quality of your employee experience while saving many hours of management. With our employee engagement Pulse survey tools, you can improve the quality of life of your employees at work!


3. Count and analyze the data collected

At the end of each employee satisfaction survey, our employee engagement Pulse survey tools automatically convert your colleagues’ responses into performance indicators. Instead of reading and calculating each of your performance and employee satisfaction scores, our solution will save you many hours of management time through an automated process. 

These key metrics are centralized on your company’s InputKit dashboard. This intuitive and efficient dashboard will allow you to know in a few clicks the scores related to employee satisfaction within your company. Real-time notifications will allow you to assess the quality of your working conditions and better identify the factors impacting your employees’ satisfaction. Be proactive: take advantage of our employee engagement Pulse survey tools to improve the quality of life of your employees at work!

4. Propose concrete actions to improve the well-being of your teams

Our employee engagement Pulse survey tools will allow you to monitor in real-time your employees’ satisfaction with their working conditions and, above all, to take action.  Relationships between colleagues, working conditions, salary, organizational culture, support from managers, relevant training: evaluate your measures in place to optimize your practices according to the concrete needs of your employees. This is an asset to better retain and retain talent within your company!

With InputKit, you can make informed decisions based on concrete feedback from your existing teams. Rely on metrics and feedback to continuously improve your employee experience. This will have a considerable impact on the satisfaction of your staff, and their performance at work.


5. Ask your employees about the new measures in place and improve!

Following your employee satisfaction surveys, our employee engagement Pulse survey tools will allow you to optimize your practices based on concrete feedback from your teams. Ask your employees regularly to learn more about their satisfaction with their conditions. Then, for each new practice that is put in place to meet the needs of your teams, follow closely during the days following the evolution of their satisfaction. You will be able to constantly adapt, and ensure that you implement practices that really have an impact!  

With InputKit, you’ll get the straight facts about how satisfied your employees are at work. This will help you make informed decisions as you optimize your practices to meet the needs and expectations of your existing teams. With our solution, you can stand out as an employer while giving your colleagues the employee experience they deserve! 


Our surveys can measure several elements:

  • The job satisfaction;
  • The level of recognition of your employees;
  • The working conditions offered;
  • The relationship with peers;
  • The flexibility offered by the company;
  • And much more!
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