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Our philosophy

The InputKit Team is united, ambitious and dynamic
We believe that thriving at work is essential! Through our various projects, whatever your role within our team, we want to make sure that you like it. Our shared passion for the customer experience is what motivates us to achieve our goals together as a team.
Challenges are overcome together and successes are celebrated with enthusiasm. InputKit is a growing company and we are constantly looking for talent to join the team!
Don’t hesitate to consult our various job offers and apply to start your career at InputKit!

Nos offres d’emplois

Our job offers

The benefits of working at InputKit

Be part of a growing team with opportunities for advancement.

Have a real impact in the company: your ideas are not only welcome, but very important!

Real flexibility in work-life balance and telework.

Working in a modern, state-of-the-art environment: Google, Slack and Hubspot are our best friends!

Benefit from 3 weeks of vacation per year.

Connect with colleagues at group events.

Job offers and InputKit teams


At InputKit, the product team is responsible for designing our solution, developing it, defining future features and optimizing the product experience for users. This team of experts ensures that the services offered meet the needs of our target customers.

Customer success

Our dedicated customer service team ensures to meet the different needs of our customers. Support, training to learn how to use our solution, followed by satisfaction: the human is at the heart of the priorities of this team!


An expert in branding, the marketing team showcases our solution and generates interest in our potential customers. The marketing team is an expert in digital content, inbound marketing and lead generation strategy.


The sales team is in direct contact with our potential customers. It makes demonstrations of our solution to our leads around the world. As a result, this team knows our solution very well and knows what arguments to put forward to convince potential customers to work with us! 

Be part of the team that calls out to you!

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