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How can you optimize your company’s reputation management? Find out the answer in this article!

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Responding to negative customer feedback can be a real challenge. In this article, find out how to react to the negative feedback of your dissatisfied customers!

19 minutes

Customer reviews are invaluable to businesses. They promote a better reputation, and better visibility online while increasing customer acquisition. On which review platforms should you position yourself? Discover 11 customer review platforms to discover and master!

23 minutes

Google reviews are a must for acquiring a good reputation and visibility online. In this context, some companies are considering buying fake positive Google reviews. Is that a good idea? Discover the answer in our article!

27 minutes

While the majority of Internet users read reviews online, ensuring an e-reputation watch is crucial to your company’s brand image. How can you ensure a good management of online reviews? Discover 14 typical errors in managing customer reviews. We also explain how to avoid them!

32 minutes

Customer reviews play a crucial role in SEO. A high volume of customer reviews shows your reliability to search engines and promotes your online positioning. In our article, discover 8 ways your online reviews impact your SEO!

27 minutes

Managing your online reputation as a business is a must-do these days. The growing use of online notice platforms and social networks is a real challenge for many organizations. Discover now 5 ways InputKit can simplify your online reputation management!

32 minutes

Buying a vehicle is a long and complex process for your customers. It is important to position yourself as an expert in the automotive industry in order to put your prospects in confidence. In our article, discover 7 tips for improving the car dealer customer experience. We also explain how InputKit can help you!

18 minutes

Your company’s online reputation is a crucial factor for your visibility and customer acquisition. How can you optimize your online presence? Check out our article to discover 9 best practices to create a successful Google My Business profile!

33 minutes

Having a good brand image is crucial for your company’s reputation. A bad brand will damage your reputation and completely discourage some prospects from doing business with you. In our article, discover 9 causes and negative impacts of a bad brand image to avoid reproducing such examples.

28 minutes

As a local business, it’s crucial that customers in your community can find you. How can you maximize your online visibility to attract new customers who will visit your branch regularly? Discover now 7 relevant tips to optimize your local positioning!

33 minutes

Customer reviews have a huge impact on your new customers acquisition as well as your online reputation. For this purpose, it is recommended to respond to all your online reviews to show your customers and prospects that you are trustworthy. In our article, find out how and why to respond to your customer reviews. Rely on our best examples to become an expert in the field!

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