Employee satisfaction survey tools

Validate employee satisfaction with our Employee satisfaction survey tool

With our Pulse surveys, improve the quality of life of your employees at work. Through our fully automated surveys, ask your employees on a daily basis to learn more about the metrics that matter to you. Net Promoter Employee Score (eNPS), relationship with colleagues, relationship with managers, recognition at work, growth at work, happiness and wellness, overall satisfaction and more: ask your teams to continuously improve their experience! Optimizing your employee experience will motivate and retain your existing teams. Stand out as an employer: implement InputKit, the employee satisfaction survey software used by more than 1000 businesses all around the world!

Ask your employees for their opinion according to your needs

1. Determine what you want to assess more accurately and target your questions via InputKit

With our Employee Satisfaction Survey software, collect metrics that matter to you through our many pre-established sequences of employee questionnaires.

Through our employee satisfaction survey software, choose from our many employee satisfaction questionnaire templates and then select the appropriate metrics based on what you actually want to evaluate. Self-assessment of staff, level of job satisfaction, comments on working conditions: these valuable metrics will be collected and translated into metrics in an automated way. This will make it much easier for you to improve your continuous employee experience!


2. Send your surveys and collect the data

Using InputKit’s employee satisfaction survey tools, choose the method of sending your choice, either by email or SMS. Then send your employee surveys to be sent out completely automatically at the time of your choice. 

The feedback obtained will then be automatically converted into metrics of your choice within your company dashboard. With this feature, you’ll be able to see at a glance the specific needs of your employees, whether it’s organizing an event or making a corporate decision. Our employee survey tools will let you know what the majority think while saving several hours of management!

3. Count and analyze feedback

After you send in your surveys, our employee satisfaction survey tools allow you to automatically convert your results to metrics that are important to your business. Instead of reading each answer and manually calculating scores for each result, you can centralize this valuable information on the dashboard of your company account. Your one-time employee survey results will be centralized within an intuitive and efficient dashboard. Our employee satisfaction survey software will allow you to see at a glance what the majority think in order to make informed organizational decisions. 

Be sure to be informed of every new employee’s feedback with our real-time notifications that will allow you to keep track of these metrics to better align with your colleagues. Our employee survey tools are a must to improve the satisfaction and involvement of your teams at work!

4. Make decisions based on what you wanted to assess

After sending personalized and automated surveys, rely on the results to make informed decisions. Whether it’s an event date, a gift idea, or a choice of activity, regularly question your teams to set up winning conditions. This way, you can make the best decision based on the opinion of the majority! A team is made up of people with differing opinions and it’s important to take the time to hear from your employees at work! 

With our employee satisfaction survey tools, you can involve your colleagues in your decisions to show that their opinions are heard and considered. With InputKit, your teams will know that their well-being at work is your priority!

One-off surveys to evaluate several elements

With our employee survey software, you’ll be able to assess many informations based on your specific needs: 

  • Upcoming organizational changes that require group decision making;
  • Organization of special events;
  • Choice of time for team activities; 
  • Choice regarding branding;
  • And more!

With our employee satisfaction survey tools, you can keep a constant eye on your metrics! Be proactive: with InputKit, get the straight facts about what your colleagues think to make better decisions. 

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