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With InputKit, ask your satisfied customers to leave you a positive online review in a completely automated way after each answered survey. With the help of our satisfaction surveys, our online review widget as well as our intelligent response generator, you can show your customers how important their feedback is and gain a better reputation. Stand out as a company: implement InputKit, the trusted solution used by more than 1000 businesses all around the world!

89% of Internet users rely on online reviews before doing business with a company.

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Discover the benefits InputKit Reputation Online can bring you

Improve your online reputation with automated surveys and online reviews

Through our online reputation management software, send personalized and automated surveys at the right time, one to two hours after an experience or service is rendered. With InputKit, you will be able to automate your online review requests at the end of each survey completed by a satisfied customer. This way, you will be able to collect many positive and detailed online reviews! Our average response rate of 57% per text message (SMS) and 49% per email guarantee you many reviews, regardless of the sending method of your choice. This way, you can improve your visibility on search engines. With our online reputation management software, you will collect many reviews in record time!

With our online review management software, you won’t have to manually invite each of your customers to leave you a positive review online. Schedule the automated sending of your surveys at the optimal time to gather many comments and online reviews that will allow you to know your customers’ satisfaction with your service. This is a must for improving the reputation and reputation of your company.


Build trust towards your prospects with our online review widget

With our online reputation management software, take advantage of our online review widget to show your prospects that you are a trustworthy company. This widget displays on your home page your most recent positive reviews. This is an asset to show your visitors the quality of your services. In addition, this widget will allow your prospects to get detailed information about recent experiences within your company to learn more about your products and services. With InputKit, you’ll earn your customers’ trust at a glance! 

Through the widget offered by our online review management software, display on your homepage your best customer reviews to become the reference in your field of expertise. This will improve your acquisition of new customers while benefiting from a better reputation online.


Respond appropriately and proactively to customer reviews with our intelligent and automated response generator

Did you know that our solution centralizes your customer reviews within your InputKit dashboard? With our online reputation management software, you can benefit from automated and centralized management to monitor your online reviews in real-time. Our intuitive and ergonomic dashboard features an unread review filter: this feature is a must-have for proactive and effective management of your online reviews. In addition, our real-time notifications will allow you to respond quickly to customer reviews and, in some cases, dissatisfaction, in order to rectify the situation if necessary.

With our online reputation management software, benefit from our intelligent online review response generator to help manage your reputation. This tool will allow you to respond appropriately and automatically to your online reviews, based on multiple criteria. Customer name, service offered , and more: personalize your answers to establish human contact, then leverage our AI to respond to your online reviews. With our online reputation management software, you will improve your organization’s reputation while saving several hours of management time!

With an investment of $3,000 a year, I can easily say that we are making 10 times the investment, which is a 30,000 increase in our InputKit sales, mainly due to the increase in online notices generated by the solution.
Joëlle Archambault

Director of Brands and Processes at Béton Surface

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Frequently asked questions by our customers! (FAQ)

How much does InputKit Online Reputation cost?

The price of InputKit Online Reputation is adapted to your business specific needs. Our rate starts at $25 per month, paid annually. For more details, we invite you to visit our pricing page or to schedule a free demo online.

How does your solution increase online reviews?

At the end of each satisfaction survey, our solution automatically invites your satisfied customers to leave a positive review online on the platform of your choice.

How does InputKit Online Reputation work?

Our solution automatically invites your satisfied customers to leave a positive review online at the time of their choice. In case of dissatisfaction, detect dissatisfied customers with our real-time notifications. This feature, coupled with an unread reviews filter and an intelligent response generator, allows you to actively address customer dissatisfaction. With InputKit, managing your online reputation has never been easier!

With InputKit, would I get mostly positive reviews?

Yes! Our solution only targets your brand ambassadors. For each completed survey, InputKit sends an automated message to your satisfied customers inviting them to leave a positive review online, on the platform of your choice.  

What should I do if I lose my Google My Business’ access?

We are used to this kind of scenario! Our customer support will help you retrieve your access. Our responsiveness will allow you to regain access to your dashboard in peace, without the slightest delay! 


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