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The solution.

One hour after the end of the appointment, InputKit automatically sends, via the Dentitek integration, a satisfaction follow-up by email to the patient. The goal of the Dental Network is to get feedback from patients, which allows them to be proactive and identify their strengths and areas for improvement.

The employee’s report allows them to evaluate dentists, hygienists and secretaries, measure their impact on patient experience, satisfaction level and Net Promoter Score. It allows them to also compare clinics in their network and improve their patient experience in each clinic.

A few words from the client.

"Before having InputKit, it was difficult to get feedback from our patients. We depended on the few people who took action to share their comments with their secretary, coordinator or in our suggestion box. When a patient had a bad experience, we often found out only 6 months later when they called back, when they told us they had already changed their dental clinic. Since we have InputKit, we know it right away, whether it's positive or negative. Patients receive an automatic follow-up 1 hour after their appointment, and we have a response rate of 47%! The reports allow us to evaluate our staff, measure our satisfaction level and Net Promoter Score and compare our clinics to each other. It helps us a lot! We couldn't go without patient feedback anymore, we would be in the dark. Our directors are independent with the platform for their own clinic and take care of unhappy patients upstream before a situation escalates, they love it!"

Karine Lafrance

Réseau dentaire du Québec