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11 Tips for Employee Well-Being In the Workplace

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Imagine the following scenario: you open a new restaurant you are very proud of and you want to serve as many customers as possible. However, you can’t find the employees you need to serve your customers. This spiral hurts your customer experience: you collect bad reviews online and, ultimately, lose a large part of your customers who needed time to acquire!

Unfortunately, that is the reality for many employers. In today’s labor shortage, many are failing to deliver the best customer experience in their businesses. Currently, it is so difficult to recruit that some organizations are forced to reduce their hours of operation and sometimes even close their doors. This is not surprising: according to the BDCmore than 55% of businesses in Canada have difficulty finding employees to fill their positions.

With an aging population and increasing absenteeism, recruiting new talent has become a real competition. How can you ensure that you have the staff you need to keep your institution running smoothly? Make sure you build employee loyalty by ensuring your employees’ well-being in the workplace. By closely monitoring their satisfaction through their working conditions, you will be able to motivate them in the tasks to be performed. This is a great strategy to value them and encourage them to do their best. Being proactive as an employer will make them want to work for you. In addition, it will help recruit new candidates through positive word of mouth!

How can you improve your employees’ well-being in the workplace to ensure their loyalty? To shed light on this topic, here are 11 tips to make your employees happy and more productive.

The importance of employee well-being in the workplace

Employee satisfaction is a key factor in the success of your business. A satisfied employee will give the best of themself for the success of your organization and will positively impact your brand image.

According to the Forbes study, a company with motivated staff generates up to 37% more revenue per year. This statistic proves that ensuring your employee’s well-being in the workplace increases their productivity: they will be more focused and want to contribute to the success of your organization. This proactive and dynamic attitude will make your colleagues want to do the same, which will improve the quality of your customer experience.

Thanks to this pleasant customer experience, you will greatly increase your customer loyalty as well as your acquisition of new leads. A motivated team will provide a high-quality service that will make your customers want to come back, but also to recommend you to their loved ones. This positive word of mouth will positively impact your brand image and increase your positioning in search engines. This is a great way to increase your visibility and gain new leads.

Finally, improving your employees’ well-being in the workplace also facilitates the acquisition of new talent. In this sense, it is important to show your staff your qualities as an employer. Follow our advice to show your employees that they are listened to and considered. By showing empathy and caring, you will retain your existing employees while facilitating the recruitment of new talent!

How can you improve your employees’ well-being in the workplace?

The satisfaction of your staff is one of the main issues linked to the success of your company. After all, your employees reflect your vision and values. They form a team that is available, dynamic, and ready to give its best to achieve your goals. With this in mind, it is your duty to ensure your employee’s well-being in the workplace so that they can function to the best of their ability.

Because each human being has different needs, it can be complex to properly identify the different aspects of employee satisfaction.

How can you increase your employees’ well-being in the workplace? Here are 11 easy tips to help you improve your employee experience.

1. Maintain a positive business climate

First of all, it goes without saying that a good working environment is necessary for the happiness of your employees. Your team will be much more effective if it is based on mutual respect and human relationships.

For example, micro-management is monitoring every move made by your employees. It can discourage your staff from showing initiative or innovation. Managing your employees in this way can be extremely demotivating, as it prevents them from doing what they know best and prevents personal growth.

In addition, over-betting on competition between your employees and departments can create a toxic work environment. An overly competitive workplace will divide your staff and focus on individual success rather than your company’s. This will isolate some employees from their co-workers, or even from their managers. Such isolation will result in a feeling of shame, stress and detachment as soon as one of your employees has to ask for help or work as a team. Ultimately, the stress caused by such working conditions could even cause an increase in your turnover rate! 

To avoid such a disaster, keep a close eye on your employees’ job satisfaction. Focus on teamwork by building a good organizational culture and promoting human values within your staff. Ensure healthy cooperation among your teams and encourage them to be empathetic and proactive. These measures will give your staff a sense of belonging and integrity that will maintain a good working environment within your company. This is a must for ensuring your employees’ well-being in the workplace!

2. Offer recognition frequently

As a responsible employer, you want to value your staff members in their good work. This recognition of their efforts will greatly increase their motivation at work and productivity while also providing them with a sense of professional accomplishment.

According to HubSpot’s study, 69% of employees would work harder if their efforts were recognized. In addition, according to Haiilo84% of employees committed to their work received recognition after giving their best. Interesting, isn’t it?

Through some work opportunities, gifts, thanks, or group recognition, celebrate the successes of your staff. Show your appreciation in a variety of ways to show your employees how proud you are of their good work. Such attention will not fail to increase your employees’ well-being in the workplace!

For example, with a solution like InputKit, send automated satisfaction surveys to get the time of your employees’ satisfaction. Once the results are collected, share positive feedback from satisfied customers with your staff to show them that their good work is appreciated. This strategy will improve your employee’s well-being in the workplace and make them more committed to your business.

3. As an employer, be proactive in improving working conditions

With the competitive job market, employers must now be resourceful and proactive in order to retain employees within their organization. In this sense, it is crucial to improve your working conditions to facilitate your recruitment and ensure your current employees’ well-being in the workplace.

A good employer stands out for their organizational culture, but also for their empathy. Therefore, take the time to review your working conditions in order to evaluate what improvements and innovations you could make. After all, such requests could be difficult for your staff. The goal is to prevent them from retaining irritants and then applying elsewhere. Don’t wait: improve your employee’s well-being in the workplace by standing out as an employer!

For example, you could:

  • Provide group or dental coverage to your employees;
  • Establish a competitive salary;
  • Establish a program to reimburse gym membership fees;
  • Pay for the necessary equipment during telework;
  • Offer a flexible schedule;
  • Provide leave with pay on statutory holidays or birthdays;
  • Contribute to your employees’ RRSPs;
  • And more!

Create competitive working conditions to face competition and demonstrate your qualities as an employer. This will allow you to hire new talent while ensuring your current employees’ well-being in the workplace. This is an essential asset for your recruitment and employee loyalty. Anyway, the idea is to implement gradual optimizations, based on your business capabilities!

4. Provide concrete feedback to your employees

To improve your employee’s well-being in the workplace, it’s important to show them the impact of their good work on the lives of their customers. In this sense, be sure to share concrete feedback based on your customers’ comments to improve the quality of their service.

When evaluating your employees, offer constructive feedback based on the real needs of your clients in order to improve the quality of your services as well as your customer experience. This strategy will not only allow you to show your clients that their well-being is a priority, but also give your staff the opportunity to put their professional skills to work.

Motivate your employees with concrete feedback, and then encourage them to give their best to provide your customers with quality service. This transparency will build trust with your teams, encouraging them to take the initiative and innovate to improve your customer experience. This is an asset to increase your employees’ well-being in the workplace while improving the quality of your customer service.

5. Ask your employees for advice on important decisions

Imagine: you work hard for the success of your business. In this sense, you want to share your opinion with your employer in order to advise them to the best of your knowledge. Yet, with every important decision for the future of the company, they ignore you. That would be irritating and demotivating, wouldn’t it?

Communication is a key factor in employee satisfaction, but also in the success of your business. Consulting the members of your departments will allow you to involve them directly in your internal processes while benefiting from an overview of your future projects. In addition, this will allow you to prioritize certain decisions in order to offer your customers the best possible experience.

Increase your employees’ well-being in the workplace: consult them to involve them in your important decisions. This will give them a sense of belonging that will enhance your employee loyalty and greatly contribute to the quality of your customer experience.

6. Create an inspiring workplace

Of course, to ensure your employees’ well-being in the workplace, they need an inspiring and creative workplace. In this sense, make your offices a friendly space that encourages exchanges and teamwork.

For this purpose, set up closed spaces for your teams in meetings. This will allow them to chat with your clients and prospects without the risk of being disturbed. This is a great way to encourage quality exchanges and show your leads how interested you are in them.

Don’t forget to create collaborative spaces for your employees to bond. After all, good relationships between colleagues will greatly increase their performance in customer service. Be sure to keep open spaces to favor communication between your staff.

Moreover, the appearance of your workplace also impacts the well-being of your staff. Decorate your offices with comfortable chairs, whiteboards for meetings, and many windows to immerse your environment in beautiful natural light. Why not add a few plants to bring your workspace to life? Offices tastefully decorated, equipped with high-performance technologies as well as fast wifi will help ensure your employees’ well-being in the workplace. This will significantly increase their productivity at work.

Did you know that 67% of employees who have access to free food at work are very satisfied with their current conditions? With that in mind, in your relaxation areas dedicated to your breaks and dinners, why not set up free snacks, drinks and coffees? These little attentions will greatly increase your employee’s well-being in the workplace: they will know that their well-being is at the center of your priorities!

7. Validate your employees’ level of happiness with employee satisfaction surveys

What better way to measure your employee’s well-being in the workplace than to send them an employee satisfaction survey? This asset is not negligible to ensure the well-being of your staff, but also to identify certain weaknesses in your employee experience.

Survey your employees regularly to identify their motivating factors as well as some issues that could affect their job satisfaction. Thanks to the results obtained through such questionnaires, you will be able to get to know your teams better as humans while adapting your working conditions to the current needs of your employees. This is a great strategy to ensure your employees’ well-being in the workplace and build loyalty to your business.

Want to send employee satisfaction surveys to improve your employee experience? This feature will soon be offered by InputKit’s employee evaluation and motivation solution. Talk to our team of employee experience experts to learn more about our upcoming features!

8. Give your employees the right to make mistakes to optimize their learning

A relationship based on trust and mutual respect is essential to the proper functioning of your business. As a result, regularly show your teams that you trust them to encourage their autonomy and to give them a sense of professional accomplishment.

To ensure your employees’ well-being in the workplace, give them the right to make mistakes. For example, avoid constantly monitoring them. Managing your employees in this way will give them a sense of stress and professional failure that will deter them from any attempt at innovation. This will affect your customer experience, but also the motivation of your staff.

Instead, focus on innovation, proactivity and professional learning. Encourage your employees to perform at their best and recognize their efforts to deliver an exceptional customer experience. If they want to learn more, why not offer them free training, informative evenings or additional coaching? These tools will help them improve their professional skills while contributing to the success of your business. This will give them a sense of accomplishment and integrity that will greatly increase their commitment to your organization!

Set yourself apart from other employers: give your employees the right to make mistakes and give them the tools they need to improve their job skills. This is a good method to improve your employees’ well-being in the workplace.

9. Provide opportunities to build relationships between colleagues

As discussed above, interpersonal relationships play a crucial role in the success of your business. They allow your employees to collaborate on your projects, but also to offer a quality service thanks to their dynamism as a team. However, did you know that these connections also contribute to the commitment and motivation of your employees at work?

According to Pascale Dufresne, executive coach and leadership worker, strong friendships at work can increase employee satisfaction by 50%. In this sense, it is important to create good connections between your employees in order to improve their well-being in the workplace.

Organize meals and activities with colleagues to give them the opportunity to get to know each other better. If some of your staff have not had a chance to talk, involve them in your projects so that they learn to work together. These opportunities will allow your colleagues to develop interpersonal relationships that will strengthen their sense of integration and increase their commitment to your organization. This is a great strategy to ensure your employees’ well-being in the workplace while improving business results.

10. Promote good work/life balance with flexibility

Today, employees consider their professional and personal lives to be of similar importance. According to Gallup’s study, 91% of employees left their jobs for a company that allowed them to have better working conditions, including better work-life balance. Moreover, according to the same source, 53% of employees are not willing to compromise when it comes to achieving a good work/family balance.

To ensure your employees’ well-being in the workplace, be sure to show empathy. Give them a flexible schedule based on their availability and allow them to take time off at special events or important appointments. If some of your employees live far from your offices, why not give them the opportunity to telework? The introduction of these little attentions will show your staff as well as your prospects that the well-being of your employees is at the center of your priorities!

As an employer, your flexibility and empathy will naturally underscore your appreciation for the good work of your staff. Such measures will improve your employee’s well-being in the workplace: they will be proud to work for you and will give their best to help you achieve your goals.

11. Create a memorable employee experience

To increase your employees’ well-being in the workplace and stand out from the competition, create a memorable employee experience that won’t leave your staff indifferent.

As soon as you hire your talent, optimize your onboarding processes to increase their commitment to your business. Then, regularly monitor your employees’ satisfaction to adapt your experience to the real needs of your staff.

Equip your teams with relevant training and up-to-date coaching to give them a sense of professional accomplishment that will increase employee loyalty. Finally, be empathetic: offer flexible working conditions and schedule bi-monthly meetings to check in regularly. Such an experience will create a WOW effect for your employees: they will feel so pampered and considered. These measures will have a positive impact on your employee loyalty: in return, you will improve your reputation as an employer and facilitate the acquisition of new talent.

How InputKit can improve your employees well-being in the workplace

Do you want to ensure your employee’s well-being in the workplace while saving valuable management time? If so, InputKit is the solution for you!

With our employee evaluation and motivation solution, you can share the positive reviews and feedback from your satisfied customers with your staff. This will allow them to observe the concrete impact of their services on the lives of their clients. It’s a great tool to empower your employees, but also to motivate them by celebrating their successes at work.

In addition, following a customer satisfaction survey, our solution automatically offers satisfied customers to leave a positive review online. By raising your company’s profile, you can contribute to the well-being of your employees. They will be proud to see that their good service is recognized through the web. This will have a positive impact on their commitment to your organization!

In the same vein, with InputKit, it is possible to direct your satisfied employees to job review platforms, such as Glassdoor, to share their great employee experience. Your colleagues will attest to the qualities of your company as an employer. This tactic will notably facilitate the acquisition of new talent.

Do you want to regularly monitor your employees’ satisfaction? If so, keep in mind that one of our upcoming features is the introduction of employee satisfaction surveys. These fully automated and personalized surveys will allow you to understand the current needs of your staff and the factors affecting their motivation to work. With this valuable information, you will be able to adapt your employee experience to the expectations of your colleagues in order to stand out as an employer. This is a great way to compete!

Although every human being has different needs, it is possible to ensure your employee well-being in the workplace. Follow our best practices to provide your staff with a WOW effect that will encourage them to perform at their best.

First, foster a positive work environment by providing your employees with an inspiring workplace and competitive working conditions. Recognize the efforts of your employees by highlighting their successes and then offer them concrete feedback to improve their service to your customers.

Before making any important decisions for your business, consult your teams to get an overview of your future projects. Allow your employees to make mistakes to encourage your staff to be proactive and innovative, and then build a team-based organizational culture that allows your colleagues to build trust among each other. Finally, send employee satisfaction surveys regularly to ensure their well-being and work-life balance. Follow these tips to ensure your employee’s well-being in the workplace with a quality employee experience!

Now, do you need a solution to help you motivate your employees at work? If this is the case, we invite you to plan a free, fully customized demo of our solution. Consult our team of Employee Experience Professionals to differentiate you as an employer and better retain your staff at work!

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