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How to Measure and Improve the Motivation Level of Employees?

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When we look at the key factors of a company’s success, we often have the reflex to analyze the originality of the offer, the quality of customer service, or even the brand image. However, we often forget the important role employees play in this chain of which they are the main link.

Your employees are the heart of your business. They reflect your values and culture. They are the ones who communicate your offers to customers, through quality service and a completely personalized experience. All these small intentions are closely linked to their motivation at work.

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Why should you learn how to measure the motivation level of employees? How can you motivate employees to do their best work? To help you, in this blog post, here are our best tips on how to measure the motivation level of employees. In addition, we will review eleven methods to improve their commitment to your business.

Definition of employee motivation

Employee motivation is defined by the commitment, enthusiasm, and level of energy your staff has towards their work. For companies, knowing how to measure the motivation level of employees is a crucial factor in assessing the quality of internal processes as well as the impact of organizational culture on existing staff.

From a more psychological perspective, employee motivation is used to improve the well-being of your team to ensure that the delivery of services to your clients meets expectations. Thus, by understanding how to measure the motivation level of employees, you can contribute to the satisfaction of your staff, which will have a direct effect on their performance at work. This is a great way to maximize employee retention while improving your customer satisfaction!

Why should you learn how to measure the motivation level of employees at work?

The motivation of your staff is a key factor in the success of your business. A committed team will be much more dynamic and cohesive than employees demotivated to the work to be done. In this sense, maintaining the motivation of your staff allows you to take full advantage of its know-how, its innovative side as well as its experience to carry out a quality service.

Not aware of the importance of knowing how to measure the motivation level of employees? To better inform you, here are six ways in which the commitment of your staff directly impacts your company.

1. The impact on the delivery of the given service

Contrary to what one might think, an employee’s effectiveness is not limited to their skills or knowledge. In fact, their motivation is the main issue in their work performance.

Even if they are competent, a demotivated employee may quickly get tired of their tasks, in addition to giving your customers a bad brand image. A slow service, a lack of attention to customers, not doing the required tasks: disengagement has many consequences on your employee’s productivity. This lack of motivation can contribute to negative word-of-mouth, or even cause conflict among your staff.

Why should you measure the motivation level of employees? Because committed employees will see their productivity increase. They will be more inclined to perform the tasks required, in addition to giving the best of themselves for your business. Their good humor and dynamism will greatly benefit your clientele, who will receive excellent services from a warm and professional employee. In addition, this positive energy will make their colleagues want to do the same. In this sense, it is important to understand how to measure the motivation level of employees in order to improve it!

Do you want to inspire your team to offer quality customer service? Refer them to our article 6 Examples of Great Customer Experiences to better inform them about this topic!

2. Better staff retention

Of course, an employee who is satisfied with their working conditions will be much more likely to invest in your company. In this regard, ensuring the well-being of your team is a must, especially during this period of labor shortage.

A study by the Financial Post shows that 49% of Canadians consider quitting their jobs because of their employer’s lack of empathy and the increasing workload they are assigned.

Take the time to learn how to measure the motivation level of employees to check your staff mood. Implement strategies to improve the well-being of your staff. For example, offer more frequent breaks and recognition. Why not add a coffee machine or free snacks to their workplace? By setting up small attentions, your team will be delighted to work alongside you!

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3. Improve your reputation

As mentioned earlier, your team is the backbone of your business. In this perspective, it is quite normal that their motivation also has an impact on your reputation.

quality service offered by a motivated team represents a golden opportunity to ask your customers for a Google review. These reviews from satisfied customers will increase your position in search engines, and improve your online reputation. You’ll even get new leads through positive word of mouth!

Remember to follow our best practices on how to measure the motivation level of employees to act quickly if it needs to be improved. By knowing how to measure the motivation level of employees, you can help them to be motivated toward their work. It will definitely have positive reputation impacts, which will allow you to acquire new customers!

4. Increase your sales

According to the Gallup article, a committed team increases the annual turnover of companies by 21%. In the same vein, Forbes observed that companies with a good organizational culture have seen 682% growth in their revenues over the years.

Motivated staff will improve your customer retention rate. Indeed, a consumer will be much more likely to come back to you if they have been served by a friendly and attentive employee. The more loyal your customers are, the more you increase your company’s recurring revenue! In this regard, it is fair to say that by knowing how to measure the motivation level of employees, you are enabling yourself to act quickly to grow your business. In addition, this will have an impact on reviews left online by your customers. This is how measuring the motivation level of employees can help you to receive better reviews and get new customers!

5.  Become a better employer

By sincerely caring about the well-being and motivation of your employees, you will become simply a caring employer. Today, in order to recruit employees, we have to show empathy, in a real and authentic way. A human enterprise that truly cares about its people encourages its employees to give their best.

With that in mind, as an employer, check in with your colleagues and congratulate them on their successes. This will create a pleasant and more human working environment! By putting the motivation of your employees at the heart of your priorities, you will become a company where it is good to work!

6.  Differentiate yourself from the competition

An employer who takes the time to learn how to measure the motivation level of employees can then adopt the best strategies to ensure their well-being. Recruiting and retaining top talent is important and essential to positioning yourself in competitive industries. Your talents are a fierce competitive advantage when facing your competitors.

Offer your team working conditions and career advancement opportunities that exceed those of your competitors. Show your team that you are the employer they deserve – this will discourage them from going to work for your rivals!

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How to measure the motivation level of employees at work?

The employee motivation survey

If you want to measure the motivation of your employees, the motivation survey is a significant asset for your company. Thanks to it, you can analyze:

  • The importance of work in an employee’s life;
  • Their perception of their professional abilities;
  • Their approaches with their career;
  • Their career aspirations.

The answers you get will help you understand the motivating factors of your staff. This way, you can analyze the results of the survey to improve the conditions of your employees, or even learn about certain situations that could cause job dissatisfaction.

Remember that every human being has different needs. That’s why you should learn how to measure the motivation level of employees through a motivation survey to increase their well-being!

15 sample questions in a survey to measure employee motivation at work

  1. Does your work give you a sense of professional accomplishment?
  2. Do you have good communication with your colleagues and manager?
  3. Do your team members have good cohesion?
  4. Do you feel you are learning new skills through your position?
  5. Are the tasks associated with your position stimulating enough?
  6. Are you getting enough support from your colleagues?
  7. Do you have fun doing your job?
  8. Are you satisfied with our corporate culture?
  9. Are you comfortable with the work environment?
  10. Does your manager provide you with appropriate support?
  11. Are there any privacy considerations that impact your motivation at work?
  12. Do you manage to achieve a good balance between your professional and private life?
  13. On a scale of 1 to 10, how would you rate your relationship with your team?
  14. On a scale of 1 to 10, how satisfied are you with your current working conditions?
  15. On a scale of 1 to 10, how would you rate your current motivation within the team?

How can you improve your employees’ motivation once your measurement tools are in place?

Now that you know how to measure the motivation level of employees, it’s time to put in place strategies to maximize employee engagement. However, this can be complex for people who know less about the subject.

How do you motivate your employees? What measures do you put in place to contribute to their well-being? To help you, here are eleven methods to improve the motivation of your staff at work.

1. Set clear objectives

Effective communication and defined objectives are the keys to good management of your business. With this in mind, after measuring your employees’ motivation, it is important to ensure that the objectives assigned to them are clear.

An unclear, indeterminate goal can undermine the mood of your employees. They may be left with the impression that his efforts are going nowhere, since their work does not seem to contribute to the goal.

How do we motivate employees to do the work they are given? To help you, we encourage you to set SMART goals with your employees:

  • Specific: It describes a specific result that is observable and accurate.
  • Measurable: It has indicators to measure it.
  • Achievable: It is accessible with the scope of your project and your current resources.
  • Realistic: Achievable AND realistic based on its current duration and resources.
  • Temporal: Its duration can be determined over time.

This method will allow your staff to better identify the criteria for achieving their objectives while seeing their duration in time. In this way, they will see the progress of their work and be more motivated to do it. It’s important to review your internal processes after you learned how to measure the motivation level of employees!

2. Implement benefits related to the achievement of objectives

Of course, if your staff feels that their work is appreciated, they will be much more inclined to give the best of themselves in order to achieve the given goals. According to BrandonGaille’s study, work-related benefits improve employee productivity by 43%. With that in mind, why not motivate them by rewarding them when they do a good job?

For example, you could set up a rewards program like Bonusly to motivate them to achieve their goals. Thus, when they provide quality work, they will be rewarded with a gift card, a bonus amount of money, or even an outing with their colleagues!

When your staff does a good job, you can also reward them with new career opportunities related to your business. Follow our best practices to understand how to measure the motivation level of employees to identify and reward your staff’s preferences. These are some interesting ideas as examples! Of course, it’s a matter of relying on your budget and your abilities to determine the benefits offered.

3. Show your employees that you trust them and promote their autonomy

Building trust is a fundamental principle for any business. It is trust that determines the quality of interpersonal relationships, especially as regards the support provided by managers. In this sense, it is crucial to quickly establish a climate of trust and solidarity with the members of your team.

When an employee feels you trust them, they will have many more initiatives at work. The autonomy you give them will encourage them to innovate and make decisions on their own, which will give them a sense of belonging that will increase motivation.

On the contrary, micromanagement, that is analyzing the actions of your employees, will undermine the commitment of your staff. Your colleagues will feel hostile and will feel that you do not trust them. Ultimately, this will lead to a disengagement linked to a feeling of failure and stress caused by the work climate of your company.

The key is to know how to measure the motivation level of employees while encouraging their autonomy. Let them manage the tasks in their own way to show them that you trust them. This will improve their motivation and sense of belonging to your organization.

4. Provide concrete feedback

Feedback is an indispensable asset for motivating your staff. Your employees like to receive positive and constructive feedback on the work they have done. This allows them to see the results of their efforts, and see that their work makes a difference in the lives of some clients.

Having trouble learning how to measure the motivation level of employees? Would you like to offer concrete feedback based on actual customer feedback? An employee performance evaluation solution like InputKit can empower your team by sharing success stories with their customers. This is a good way to motivate your staff!

5.Create a pleasant work environment

Of course, a good working environment is essential for your employees. Your team will be much more effective if they have a sense of trust that fosters mutual support and respect.

In this sense, you need to understand how to measure the motivation level of employees to ensure that the work environment is aligned with their needs. Provide them with positive feedback, plan group activities to improve cohesion among your staff, and promote team spirit rather than competition. This will greatly benefit your company’s work climate!

If you’re having trouble improving your team’s satisfaction, check out 9 tips to improve employee satisfaction at work. You will find a range of tips to optimize the engagement of your staff.

6. Encourage your employees to work as a team

The success of your business is not based solely on the skills of your employees, but on their productivity and collaboration as a team. In this context, teamwork has many advantages for the mood of your staff:

  • It promotes communication and mutual support between employees;
  • It builds trust between staff members;
  • It reinforces the sense of belonging;
  • It contributes to your employees’ commitment to your organization

cohesive team will perform much better than a group of individuals who act in isolation, without collaboration. When you learn how to measure the motivation level of employees, be sure to gauge employee satisfaction through employee relationships. Don’t hesitate to plan activities such as an escape game, a five to seven, or a fun outing to improve relations between your employees!

7.  Be open to new ideas

Your ability to accept innovation also makes a difference in the motivation of your team. An employer open to new ideas shows employees that their initiatives and opinions are well received and even considered. With this in mind, staff will be much more likely to propose new ideas and create new projects which may be relevant to the company.

An open-minded and cooperative employer will be more appreciated by its employees. This is an example to follow to improve the motivation of your employees!

8.Improve your organization’s reputation

While this may seem trivial, your reputation has a direct impact on the motivation of your employees at work.

Indeed, did you know that a bad reputation will make your employees work much harder to compensate for your bad brand image? As a result, they may become discouraged by the lack of customer recognition. The stress of work could even push them to leave your company!

It is therefore your duty to maintain the good reputation of your company. Follow our advice on how to measure the motivation level of employees and ensure they enjoy working for your organization. Encourage them to seek Google reviews from satisfied customers to improve your reputation. They will serve clients who are more willing to recognize their efforts and will be happy to recommend you to future talent!

9. Care about the condition of your employees

To ensure the well-being of your employees, it is important to take the time to get to know them better. After all, every human has different goals and needs. With this in mind, plan exchanges to measure employee motivation.

How to measure the motivation level of employees? Set up weekly meetings with your team members to learn about their mood. You can also welcome them when they arrive at your store, or even send them a few messages via your internal chat. These interactions, while brief, are a great way to measure employee motivation while reminding employees that their comfort is a priority for you.

In short, how do you motivate your employees at work? Another method, currently under development at InputKit, is the regular mailing of satisfaction surveys for employees to optimize their well-being within your company. The results obtained from these surveys will be used to improve the motivation of your staff. This is a good example of how to measure the motivation level of employees!

10. Be transparent with your staff

Knowing the current state of affairs within your company is a key aspect of motivating your staff. Employees appreciate it when you tell them about upcoming changes and hires, rather than learning it at the same time as the general public.

A study conducted by Trade Press Service shows that 85% of employees are more committed to their work when the company’s internal communication is effective. In this sense, transparency is needed to improve the motivation of your staff, in parallel with the continuous measurement of employee motivation.

Promote transparent communication with your staff. This will provide a sense of belonging that will motivate your colleagues to offer better services!

11. Show a clear organizational vision

In order to motivate your employees, it is also important to communicate your future projects and goals to them.

Hold monthly or quarterly meetings with your teams to share progress on your goals and upcoming projects they will need to work on. These conversations are an excellent example of how to measure the motivation level of employees and show them that their opinions matter to you. As a result, your employees will feel that they are part of your business and will be prepared for the future challenges ahead.

While measuring employee motivation may be difficult for some, we advise you to follow our advice to ensure the well-being of your staff.

Why should you learn how to measure the motivation level of employees? A motivated team will provide better customer service, increase your annual revenue, improve your reputation and set you apart from the competition. In addition, they will be much more committed to their work.

How do you motivate employees at work? Start by setting SMART goals and then identify rewards for the work done. Show your employees that you trust them by giving them concrete feedback, being open to new ideas and being transparent.

Ensure a good working environment for your company through teamwork and by optimizing your reputation. Finally, show them that you care about their well-being by scheduling monthly meetings and sharing your organizational vision on a regular basis.

Now that you understand the importance of knowing how to measure the motivation level of employees, it’s time to put in place concrete strategies to improve employee satisfaction. Don’t hesitate to plan a free demo with our experts to provide your staff with the benefits and recognition they deserve!

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