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Five Overlooked Opportunities to Increase Business


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1. Offer the best product or service out there

This one is by far the most important. You can have the best marketing strategies in place but if you’re not willing to offer a great product or service, you won’t make it in the long run.

In order to offer the best product or service out there, you have to constantly improve. To do so, you must get some kind of feedback from your clients. The best products and services are constantly being revaluated and improved based on customer feedback.

To get some feedback from your clients, you can ask them directly, or via online surveys. We recommend using online surveys since you can automate the feedback process.

2.  Cross-sell your services and products to your clients

You probably offer more than one product or service. You probably also think that your clients know everything you offer, right? That’s a common mistake. Unless you explicitly educate your clients on all the services and products you offer, you can’t just assume they know. The simple reason is that we only give attention to what is relevant to us at the moment.

A simple solution is to explicitly inform your clients of all the products and services you offer. You can tell them directly or, once again, use an online survey tool. In your survey, simply display a list of all your services and products, then ask them if they’d like one of those.


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3.  Improve your online presence

When you look for a product or a service, where do you search? Probably online, right? Why would it be any different for your clients? There are more and more people looking online when searching for a product or a service. In fact, 75% of consumers nowadays look at one or more online reviews before buying a product or a service. This means you need to have a good online presence and positive reviews.

Best ways to improve your online presence
• Have a beautiful, modern and responsive website
• Create a Facebook page and a Google business page
• Ask your clients to leave reviews online
• Display testimonials from your clients on your website

4. Explicitly ask for referrals

If you don’t do this yet, it’s because of one of these two reasons:

The first possible reason is because you think your clients will give you referrals by themselves. If it’s the case, let me ask you this:
When you buy a product or a service, do you systematically think of friends and colleagues whom could benefit from it? I doubt it. And it would be naïve to assume that from your clients. In fact, according to a survey, 83% of consumers are willing to refer after a positive experience—yet only 29% actually do.

The second possible reason is that you don’t value referrals enough. In other words, you “don’t have enough time”. In that case, you need to read this fact: 65% of new business comes from referrals. Referral is the most inexpensive way to get clients, period.


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5. Share specials offers to your clients that they can share

This one could have a significant impact if used correctly. Imagine you share a special offer to all of your clients. For example, a 10% discount on a certain product until next month. Then, your clients can share that offer on their social medias.

On average, a person has 338 friends on Facebook, and 930 connections on Linkedin. For every share you get, that’s approximately 1,000 potential views. How much do you pay in marketing to get that kind of coverage? The best part about this is that it’s free! You simply need a tool to share offers with your clients.

Looking for a tool to take advantage of those opportunities?

We built a web application to help businesses, just like yours, take advantage of those opportunities. Check it out.

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