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The Spécialistes de l’électroménager improve their practices




branches in Quebec

Sale and delivery of household appliances



Minimum return on investment


More unhappy customers detected than before


NPS increase from InputKit

30 min

Average time to contact an unhappy customer

Feedback from our client

“For us, the customer experience has always been our priority. We want to bring excellence to life all along the line. For our client, delivery is the most important step because it is the last impression we leave on them. The problem is that when the product leaves our warehouse, we are in the unknown. I had to rely on our customers calling when there was a problem. In hindsight, that was a big mistake! We were aware of less than 10% of the dissatisfied customers. When it’s minor dissatisfaction, people don’t take the time to call. The problem is that the damage this unmanaged unhappy customer can do is major.


Before InputKit, to ensure good delivery, we used an automated telephone survey 15 minutes after delivery, but there were several problems: not only were we bothering the customer, but I didn’t have a dashboard, nor a tool to take action with the data collected.


Since we have InputKit, we have identified 2-3x more dissatisfied customers, even when it is minor. InputKit allows us to act quickly and create a WOW effect. When the customer receives a telephone within half an hour, he falls out of his chair. It finally allows us to have control and ensure to put the icing on the sundae.


Also, I have the evaluation of my deliverers and my sellers. Each positive comment is redirected to the right person to highlight their good work, and the negative allows us to intervene immediately with the right person. Since our people know that it is watched and managed, both the positive and the negative, they pay attention. It’s day and night. It shows them their importance, how they can impact customers and the company.


With InputKit, it’s as if there were glasses that just appeared to me! It’s an amazing tool for us! I wouldn’t do without it. Honestly, it would give me anxiety to go back blind as before. We could no longer remain without knowing. Impossible.


Our return on investment is excellent. The cost of InputKit versus what it brings us is like the cost of having coffee in the morning. We see it as our cheapest ad we’ve ever had. InputKit brings us concrete, we deal with 100% of real customer cases. It comes at a price that is negligible in my opinion.


For the past year, we have been named one of the best stores to buy your appliances by Protégez-vous. Our customer experience is the reason we got this distinction. And InputKit is the tool that will help us keep this place.”


Robert Dubé
General Manager, Les Spécialistes de l’électroménager

The solution

For Les spécialistes de l’électroménager, the customer experience has always been at the heart of their activities. They want to bring excellence to life all along the line.

To ensure a great experience, InputKit connects to their route management system (via API) and sends a satisfaction questionnaire by text message to the customer 15 minutes after the appliances are delivered. This way, the company manages to identify 2-3x more unhappy customers, even when it’s minor. The InputKit web platform then allows them to act quickly and create a WOW effect. On average, they contact all unhappy customers within half an hour.

Via the collected feedback, InputKit automatically compiles the rating of delivery teams and sellers who made the sale in store. The General Manager makes sure to send all the positive comments to the employees who have done a good job. Conversely, he can make targeted interventions when there are customers who have had a less pleasant experience.

InputKit also allows  Les spécialistes de l’électroménager to improve  their Google reviews to build trust with new customers. On average, they collect 3x more Google reviews than before.

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