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Highlight your customer testimonials on your site with our online reviews widget

With InputKit, automatically invite your satisfied customers to leave you a positive review online. Once these reviews are posted on your Google My Business profile, take advantage of our customer review widget for websites. Our solution will show to your potential customers that your business is trustworthy. Improve your business with InputKit, the solution used by more than 1000 businesses all around the world!

Improve your online reputation with our customer review widget to display on your website

1. Send automated customer satisfaction surveys

Through InputKi, write your own customer satisfaction surveys to collect metrics that are important to your business. Net Promoter Score (NPS), Customer Satisfaction (CSAT), Customer Effort Score (CES), employee performance, and more: these performance and metric indicators will allow you to know your customers’ overall satisfaction while automating your online review requests.

Via our review widget for a website, you will get many customer reviews. Our average response rate of 49% per email and 57% per text message (SMS) ensures you get a lot of feedback, regardless of the sending method you choose. With InputKit, you will benefit from your surveys’ automated sending: the management of your surveys has never been so simple and efficient!

2. When your customers are satisfied, automatically direct them to your online review platform

With our review widget for a website, after each completed satisfaction survey, automate your online review requests. Our solution will send personalized and automated requests to your satisfied customers to leave a positive review. Invite them on the review platform of your choice to attest to the quality of your services. Google My Business, Trip Advisor, Facebook Reviews, and more: choose the online review platforms of your choice! 

At the end of each survey, send a personalized notification request to your clients. Via our review widget for a website, it will only take a single click for your customer to leave you an online review. This clear, precise and concise request will allow you to obtain many positive opinions and to continuously improve the reputation of your company. This is a must for automating your processes and saving valuable management hours.

3. When new positive reviews are posted on your review platforms, be notified and respond

Once your satisfaction surveys are sent and your online reviews are obtained, it is now time to ensure your company’s reputation. With our review widget for a website, benefit from a centralized dashboard and real-time notifications to keep an eye on the evolution of your online reviews. You can also use a non-responded review filter to view your most recent reviews. This way, you can prevent customer dissatisfaction and rectify the situation if necessary. 

Our review widget for a website is equipped with a smart generator of responses to online reviews. Thus, for each opinion written, our generator of answers will offer you appropriate answers according to the nature of the comment received. This proactive and effective management of online reviews will improve your existing customer loyalty and your online reputation!

4. Get great visibility by posting your positive reviews on your website

Through our Google review widget for a website, display your latest positive reviews on your website’s home page. This detailed, accurate and informative feedback will highlight the quality of your services. This is a considerable asset to gain the trust of Internet users while informing them about your service delivery. With InputKit’s customer review widget for websites, your prospects will know you’re the company they’re looking for!

Take advantage of our review widget for a website to earn the trust of the users who visit your website. At the same time, be sure to put in place relevant improvement strategies to offer your customers an unforgettable experience as well as exceptional customer support. Improving your customer experience will definitely translate into positive online reviews. Consistently respond to your customer reviews to improve your reputation and online visibility. This strategy is crucial to attracting new potential customers to your website!

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