InputKit’s referral program

Recommend InputKit to someone and get $150 if they become a customer*

*See eligibility requirements below.

What are the benefits of referring InputKit to someone I know?

Obtaining a commission of $150 CAD for each referral lead who officially becomes an InputKi client. (see eligibility criteria below).

Support of InputKit-generated leads for peace of mind.

The confidence to refer to a reliable and solid solution, since InputKit has more than 520 customers including several large companies.

Refer someone to Inputkit

Fill out the form below

What are the eligibility criteria of InputKit to be eligible for InputKit’s referral program?

  • The person who refers to a contact cannot work for one of our official partners.
  • The referenced contact cannot work for a company that is already an InputKit customer.
  • If the referenced contact works for a company with which we are already in contact, it will not be counted as eligible for the program.
  • The company referred to us must be located in a country where the language of use is French or English (our solution is only available in these two languages).
  • The contact or company being referred to us must become a customer in order to be counted.
  • It is mandatory to complete the reference form.
  • Once the agreement with the company has been referred to us, the payment will be made via an Interac e-Transfer.
  • In the case of a double reference of a contact or company, only the first person to fill out the form will be eligible for this reference.
  • All these conditions must be met.

Success factor

The more the person or company referred knows and understands our services, the more likely they are to become a customer and thereby earn you commission. (You are the key to the success of this step).

What are the steps to participate to InputKit’s referral program?


Recommend the InputKit solution to someone you know by leveraging the benefits of our solution.


Complete the reference form above.


InputKit contacts the referred person.


If the person meets the eligibility criteria and becomes a client, you get your $150 commission.