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Improving the Customer Experience : 11 Reasons to Choose InputKit

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Improving the customer experience is a hot topic for years to come. Businesses are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of customer satisfaction, as it greatly contributes to customer loyalty and is an excellent long-term investment. However, with the growth of web platforms usage, customers are now much more critical of the customer experience. They are used to a personalized and instant service that can be difficult to replicate within your company.

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How can InputKit’s solution enable you to meet new customer standards so you can keep improving the customer experience? Here are eleven ways our solution can meet your customer experience needs to provide your customers with the service they deserve.

1. InputKit allows you to save time by automating your customer satisfaction follow-ups

There is no denying that in this labor shortage, it is a challenge to provide a flawless customer experience if there are not enough employees. We want to avoid the lack of employees having a negative impact on improving the customer experience and the customer service in your business. How can you keep improving the customer experience if you don’t have the resources to optimize your follow-up and task management at the heart of your business? Make sure you have the right tools like InputKit’s customer experience assessment and improvement solution to help you maximize customer satisfaction!

With our solution, you will be able to send a fully personalized automated survey to your customer at the right time after a service is rendered. With a response rate of 45% by email and 57% by text, our personalized and easy-to-use surveys will give you a true picture of the satisfaction of your customers in-store. This way, you will be able to adapt your services to the needs of your customers while avoiding several hours of management to concentrate on more important tasks, like improving the customer experience of your business!

Take for example the testimony of Alain Gauthier, Communications and Customer Service Manager at Point S – Pneus Carignan. As part of our case study, Mr.Gauthier said: “Before InputKit, I had to spend several hours on the phone to get feedback from clients. Now I can analyze customer needs with automated questionnaires in minutes. It saves me about two hours of monitoring and management per day.

Improving the customer experience with InputKit’s automation technologies saves 40 hours of management and follow-up time per month! It’s impressive, isn’t it? In addition, sending out automated surveys also allowed her to adapt her services to the needs of her clients, which increased his client satisfaction rate to 96%. This shows how the automation of customer satisfaction tracking via our solution can help you, so you can keep improving the customer experience!


How InputKit Can Help You

2. InputKit allows you to detect dissatisfied customers before it is too late

Of course, having good dissatisfaction management is a major issue in improving the customer experience of your business. However, there are several myths about customer dissatisfaction. Some companies believe that dissatisfied customers will necessarily communicate their dissatisfaction on their own. Others believe that it is impossible to recover an unsatisfied customer, and that as a result, it is not worth contacting them again.

However, according to Solutions & Co.96% of dissatisfied customers will never tell you about their disappointment : they will turn to one of your competitors and leave your company without telling you the source of their dissatisfaction. In addition, their negative word-of-mouth may harm your brand image and make it difficult to get new customers. In that vein, it is important to target the reason for your customers’ dissatisfaction as quickly as possible. However, how do you do this when your clients expect a response in less than 24 hours?

Before it’s too late, InputKit can help you optimize the retention of your dissatisfied customers while improving the customer experience. Through automated satisfaction surveys, you will be able to ask your customers about their satisfaction with the customer experience they have to ensure the quality of their journey within your company. In addition, our solution offers real-time dissatisfied customer detection to allow you to be proactive in collecting customer reviews. You will be able to respond to your detractors in record time and perhaps even rectify the situation!

Did you know that, according to Glance70% of dissatisfied customers whose problem has been solved have no problems doing business again with the company concerned? By learning about the reason for your customer dissatisfaction, you may find some of the customer experience gaps at the heart of your business. Take the opportunity to offer a solution to their problem. An extended warranty or free replacement of a defective product can be a good way to regain their confidence. Your customers will feel valued by your listening: they will understand that you have their satisfaction at heart and will be more inclined to give your business a second chance!


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3. InputKit integrates with multiple CRM and ERP solutions

Improving the customer experience with InputKit technologies seems appealing, but you already have a system in place to optimize your business management? No problem: integration is also part of our specializations! Indeed, InputKit adapts perfectly to more than 1000 ERP and CRM, like Zapier, Dentitek, Medexa, or Servex.

This communication with your company’s data system will allow you to update your customer’s follow-ups after an online or in-store purchase trigger. Thus, the time of sending a customer satisfaction survey will be adapted to the purchase of a product or service received.

InputKit’s customer experience assessment and improvement solution will also allow you to store your customer information in an automated manner in your database. In this sense, adapting and improving the customer experience will be easier than ever for your business!

For a complete list of InputKit integrations, please visit the compatible systems page.

4. InputKit allows you to have more positive reviews online

According to a study conducted by Forbes80% of consumers watch online reviews before doing business with a company. It is therefore crucial to have several positive reviews online in order to attract new potential customers and maintain a good e-reputation, since your customers will have had an idea of you even before meeting you.

Have trouble getting more advice online? Not sure how to invite your customers to leave a note on your company’s page? If so, InputKit’s online customer review improvement solution is for you!

By using InputKit’s solution, you can fully automate your customer notification request process, whether it’s an email or an SMS. In addition, the InputKit solution is aimed primarily at satisfied customers to increase your positive feedback rate, including by inviting them to leave a Google review following a customer satisfaction survey. With this method, you won’t have to worry about inadvertently inviting an unsatisfied customer to leave a bad note for your business.

Our online customer review improvement solution guarantees you 3 to 10 times more online reviews. For example, as mentioned in our case study of our client Mouvement Physio, since InputKit’s implementation, this company now gets 7 times more customer reviews per month, and 35 positive reviews to share with employees to better adapt their service to their customers. Thus, our solution allows you to improve your customer experience while ensuring you increase your visibility on the web by generating more positive reviews. This way, you can use your customers’ feedback to keep improving the customer experience!



5. InputKit allows you to save time in writing responses to online reviews

It can be exhausting to manually write responses to online notifications. This is a long and repetitive task that takes several hours to complete. However, with InputKit, you can completely automate the management of your online review responses, without sacrificing the quality of your customer experience.


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With InputKit’s smart online notification response generator, you can customize your online notification messages while automating their process. Make sure your answers are short, direct and courteous, then schedule them based on the type of notification received. This way, you can thank a satisfied customer for their positive rating, and invite a disappointed customer to discuss the source of their dissatisfaction to rectify the situation! Your quick responses will show your customers that they are at the center of your priorities and improve their loyalty. In addition, this automated process will save you valuable management hours during your work. This will allow you to focus on more important tasks, like improving the customer experience of your business!

6. InputKit allows you to motivate your employees based on feedback directly from your customers

In this labor shortage, it is difficult to recruit and retain talent within companies. Moreover, a study conducted by HEC Montréal shows that more than a quarter of employees are disengaged from their work. Yet, the motivation of your staff is a very important issue for your company’s customer experience. According to Harvard Business Reviewan employee who feels good performs 45% better than an indifferent employee. This proves that a motivated employee can be a key factor in improving the customer experience of your business. In that sense, how can you contribute to the well-being of your employees at work?

To improve the motivation of your staff, InputKit offers you its solution for evaluating employee performance. Using this method, you will be able to read client feedback on the services received and thus assess the quality of the work done by your staff. You will also be able to share positive feedback from satisfied customers about your employees. They will feel valued to see the concrete effect of their work in terms of customer appreciation.

For example, since the Centre de parodontie et d’implantologie  implemented InputKit, managers can share more than 40 positive comments a month with their employees to motivate their troops!

All in all, sharing your team’s success by showing them the tangible impact their service has on your customers can help you keep your team motivated. Your team’s wellbeing will then contribute to improving the customer experience of your business!


7. InputKit allows you to have more visibility on the work done by your staff

While it is important to motivate your employees at work, it is equally important to know the direct impact of your staff’s services on your company’s customer experience. With InputKit’s employee assessment solution, you’ll know exactly what’s going on in your branches. For example, you can link some of your customer satisfaction survey responses to your employees, so you can better understand the impact each member of your staff has on your customers’ satisfaction.

This will allow you to congratulate your employees for their good service, but also to hold them accountable. To this end, if a customer is dissatisfied with an experience in your branch, you can share their feedback directly with the employee concerned to offer them the support they need to improve! With InputKit, you’ll be able to provide your staff with feedback based on real facts to help them improve your company’s customer experience. You will be able to offer certain training or proposals to your employees, which will allow them to acquire skills adapted to the needs of your customers. This will be improving the customer experience of your business!

Employee evaluation question

8. InputKit is a solution made in Quebec

By purchasing the InputKit customer experience solution, you are contributing to Quebec’s local economy! Our solution integrates with both international and local ERP and CRM platforms: this will allow you to centralize your information management in a few clicks and adapt your satisfaction surveys according to your business reality. To this end, InputKit is a Quebec solution, which allows our team of experts to have a very good knowledge of the issues of large and small businesses in our territory. In addition, our perfectly bilingual solution allows you to create satisfaction surveys in French and English. Therefore, language will not be a barrier when the time comes to question your clientele!

9. InputKit gives you an overview of your customer satisfaction indicators

While customer satisfaction is one of the areas that most affect your company’s revenue, it is not always easy to quantify in metric terms. When you get the answers to your customer satisfaction surveys, it can sometimes be difficult to calculate your overall satisfaction indicators to better manage your customer experience.

However, with InputKit, you’ll be able to see your performance results with one glance! Indeed, your performance indicators (CES, CSAT and NPS) are centralized on the dashboard of your company account. Rather than having to manually calculate each score related to your satisfaction surveys, our solution automatically records your results and then converts them into your different indicators. This way, you can find out how your business is performing in seconds. This will allow you to manage information quickly and easily, while being aware of the current state of your customer experience!


InputKit Dashboard

10. InputKit specializes in several industries

Improving the customer experience of your company may seem hard. However, InputKit helps small and large businesses, so they can keep improving the customer experience of their company. Thanks to our automated and customized solution according to your needs, you will be able to increase your customer satisfaction rate as well as your customer retention!

In addition to being able to integrate with more than 1,000 different solutions, InputKit is improving the customer experience of clients in several industries. Whether it’s home facilities, a dental clinic, a delivery business, physiotherapy, real estate or even retail, our solution can fit your needs perfectly. Since our team has experience in several industries, they know how to adapt to customer satisfaction issues that shape certain markets. Our team of experts will be able to advise you on the best strategy, so you can keep improving the customer experience of your business!

With over 350 customers in 20 different countries, it is fair to say that InputKit has experience. So, regardless of your industry or current needs, our team can help you set up an optimized process, improving your customer experience will be a breeze!

11. InputKit offers a high quality customer experience

Being an expert in the field of customer experience, it makes sense for us to make sure we offer an experience that meets the expectations of our users. In this sense, we can say that the experience experienced by InputKit customers is very interesting: when you have a question, the average response time on our support chat is two minutes. In addition, the Net Promoter Score awarded to InputKit by our customers is 88, which is excellent. By being an InputKit customer, you’ll be able to make sure you’re taken care of quickly, which gives you considerable peace of mind!

Overall, InputKit is a relevant solution for improving the customer experience of your company. With centralized information management, performance indicators and fully automated tracking, you’ll save hours of work. This is an essential asset to focus on more important tasks that will keep improving the customer experience of your business!

In addition, our customizable customer satisfaction surveys, along with our employee performance assessment solution, will give you a clear picture of the situation in your branches. This way, you can motivate and empower your staff with real facts based on your customers’ feedback. In this sense, you will also be able to adapt your services and products according to the needs of your customers, which will help your company to keep improving the customer experience.

Interested in our customer experience assessment  and improvement  solution? If you want to offer your customers the best possible customer experience, we invite you to schedule a free demo right now. Our team of experts will guide you to automate, customize and improve your business processes. In this way, you will be able to ensure the satisfaction of your customers within a few clicks!

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