Adapting your customers' needs is the key to success in business! Discover in our last article 4 tips for your adaptation strategies. Get inspired by our best practices to continuously adapt to your customers' needs!


Find out how to evaluate your company's retention performance with the employee turnover rate formula. Learn how to do the calculation and the key indicators to reduce this rate in our article!

12 minutes

Take your brand marketing to new heights in 2023! Get inspired by these 8 innovative ideas to have a strong brand image to stand out from the competition and attract the maximum number of potential customers.

16 minutes

Onboarding a new employee can mean the difference between a long-term commitment and an early departure. Follow our 7 essentials to discover how to onboard a new employee and be prepared to retain all the best talent!

18 minutes

Are you wondering how to improve customer experience? If so, know that it should start with employee experience! Find out what factors of the employee experience you can enhance to ensure employees' satisfaction at work and learn how to improve customer experience in many different ways!

20 minutes

Your employees are important to you and you want to show your appreciation, but you don’t know how to do it? Discover our best practices in addition to our 7 examples of employee thank you messages in this article!

14 minutes

To apologize to a client is not a simple thing: it is an art in itself! Discover our 6 valuable tips and examples to master the art of apologizing to a client after a mistake has been made.

18 minutes

Stay on track with your customer retention! Find out how to calculate your customer retention rate to improve your retention strategies and keep as many customers as possible.

20 minutes

In dental clinics, the patient experience can make all the difference, especially since it is a stressful environment for some clients. Several details can make a clinic appointment a positive moment. Discover now our 8 tips to optimize your dental patient experience!

33 minutes

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