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6 Examples of Great Customer Experiences

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Optimizing the customer experience is a goal of many businesses. Better customer satisfaction leads to greater customer loyalty, which also means more revenue for businesses. In this sense, it is important to view improving the customer experience as an investment that will pay off in the long run.

Once you’ve decided to optimize your customer experience, where to start? In this article, we tell you about 6 companies that are examples of great customer experiences. Who knows, maybe you can pick some winning tips from these examples of businesses offering great customer experiences to apply within your own organization!

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What is a great customer experience? The fundamental elements of a successful customer experience

Since the customer experience is defined as the sum of the interactions a customer has with your business, it can be said that a good customer experience occurs when the sum of the experiences is positive. Even if the customer experience a business offers isn’t perfect, if there are more positives than negatives, the customer may say their customer experience with you was good.

When you feel you’ve had a positive customer experience, you feel more inclined to recommend a company to those around you. On the contrary, when a customer experience is negative, some may even go to social media to complain to tell their network to be wary. In this sense, it is better to learn from best practices, in particular by drawing inspiration from great customer experience examples!

6 great customer experience examples

Great Customer Experience Example #1: Netflix

We couldn’t talk about successful customer experiences without talking about Netflix! With more than 200 million subscribers worldwide, it can be confirmed that this is a global success. What makes Netflix a great customer experience player and also, a great customer experience example?

First of all, personalization is a key element. One user’s Netflix homepage is quite different from others, as it contains suggestions based on specific interests and previous views. Its predictive algorithm can even suggest new things knowing full well that you like them! When we think of Netflix, we also think of the wide variety of viewing categories available: action, humor, films, TV series, documentaries: it has a wide range of choices for everyone to find their satisfaction! Giving your customers plenty of choices is a winning formula to become a great customer experience example.

In other words, Netflix has built an environment 100% focused on entertainment by eliminating all advertising friction: no ads are shown! In addition, Netflix knows how to follow market trends by presenting new features. Netflix Games has entered the US market to complete its entertainment offering. This is a complementary product for Netflix subscribers who are also video game enthusiasts! For travelers or those who will not have access to the Internet, did you know that it is even possible to download your favorite movies and watch them later? This kind of detail makes life easier for consumers!

Netflix’s positive customer experience is the sum of all of these elements that make watching movies and series in this ecosystem enjoyable. This is a great customer experience example!

What you can take away from Netflix:

  • Netflix is ​​king when it comes to personalizing the customer experienceNetflix
  • Use algorithm and customer history to make better recommendations in the future
  • Anticipate trends in your market like Netflix does in entertainment
  • Create a frictionless environment: No commercials!
  • Set up a wide variety of content according to your different personas!


Great Customer Experience Example #2 : Randolph Pub Ludique

When you spend time with Randolph, as a customer, you know you are going to have a memorable customer experience! From the outset, each client’s experience is unique, as a Gaming Advisor takes care to know the group they are dealing with. Thus, by asking a few questions, the facilitator will be able to adapt his game proposals to maximize customer enjoyment! On each visit, the customer experience can be quite different!

If you like the games you try, it is even possible to buy a game on-site in the store section. The friendly and enveloping atmosphere, combined with dynamic entertainment, combined with the possibility of enjoying a meal, make this place a place loved by many. This is a great customer experience example that you can learn from!

What you can take away from Randolph:

  • Randolph pub ludiqueThey reinvent the traditional dining experience to add something unique – the ability to play games.
  • The personalization of the lived experience: according to your tastes and preferences, you will have specific game proposals.
  • Cross-selling: They suggest you buy the game you like if you feel like it. It is also possible to be offered other games based on other popular purchases.

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Great Customer Experience Example #3: Zappos

Do you know the company called Zappos? This organization has been working in the footwear industry since 1999. The company offered such a great customer experience that in 2009 Amazon decided to acquire the company. Since then, Zappos has not only sold shoes, but also fashionable items such as clothing. What makes Zappos known for having a great customer experience? The company initially offers a 365-day return policy, which is of great value to the consumer. They’re so sure you’ll love your shoes that they give you a hassle-free return for a year.

In addition, the organization wants to make sure that its accessibility is maximized, so its call center is operational 7 days a week for 24 hours. To this end, its level of customer loyalty is remarkable! According to, between 75 and 80% of the company’s customers are repeat customers. This impressive rate proves that the lived experience is so positive that most customers want to relive it again!

Moreover, there would be an anecdote according to which the company would have returned a new pair of shoes for free in expedited delivery so that a customer has a pair of shoes for their wedding, the pair previously ordered having got lost in transport. The company wouldn’t have let this client go to their wedding barefoot! Customer experience at the heart of their priorities is a core philosophy at Zappos. This is a case study that demonstrates a great customer experience example! For more on the subject, check out the book Me, My Shoes, and the Lessons of My Success written by Tony Hsieh, Founder of Zappos. Thanks to Patrick Gauthier, professor at UQAM, for this discovery!

What you can take away from Zappos:

  • ZapposAdd more flexibility to your return and exchange program to make the customer feel confident in the quality of your products.
  • Offer customer support with high availability.
  • Treat your customers humanely and listen to their situation if they are going through special events (a wedding in this case!)


Great Customer Experience Example #4 : Amazon

Amazon is a company recognized around the world for its enhanced customer experience. There are many things that make this company a great customer experience example! First, the simplified, hassle-free refunds give customers confidence. They know that if the product does not ultimately live up to expectations when received, it can be refunded without a problem.

Amazon is also a champion in the use of online reviews. On each product page, you will be able to see the average customer review score associated with that specific product. Often accompanied by images, these allow customers to get a realistic idea of ​​the product that will be purchased. Knowing that a product has an average score of 5 stars and is appreciated by many is both reassuring and helpful. Make sure to incorporate online reviews into your marketing processes to get people to buy your products and services!

The many product filters on the Amazon site, especially by price and satisfaction score, are helpful in the purchase! By having a budget in mind, very often, it is often possible to find a certain product that corresponds to it.

Also, much like Netflix does, Amazon offers an algorithm based on previously purchased products to bring you new products that are most likely to make you happy! Amazon knows how to use data to deliver the best user experience possible and this is something you can keep in mind as a great customer experience example!

 What you can take away from Amazon

  • AmazonSimplified and hassle-free refunds
  • Very fast delivery to minimize potential friction
  • Program for top buyers : Amazon Prime
  • Offer a lot of choice in one place
  • Offer the possibility of filtering according to reviews for more transparency and a more informed choice
  • Offer little extras for a WOW effect, ex: Prime videos
  • Use the data to personalize the user experience

Great Customer Experience Example #5: Starbucks

Many adore Starbucks and we can see why! Several elements are in place to provide a great customer experience. First, when ordering, you are asked for your name to be inscribed on your mug to personalize and humanize the experience. When it comes time to pick up your hot drink, you are greeted in a warm and personalized way.

In addition, the enveloping atmosphere created by the decor and background music provides a feeling of well-being. At Starbucks, employees are often smiling, well-being at work is reflected in interactions with customers! These days, it is essential to care about the happiness of your employees, otherwise, you will have difficulty securing their retention and it will negatively affect your customer experience.

Did you know that on your birthday, Starbucks gives you a free drink? Although the company is not obliged to implement such an initiative, it is an element that creates a WOW effect with its customers. How not to be happy going to get your free drink and being wished happy birthday? This is one element that constitutes a great customer experience example!

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Overall, Starbucks has created an environment that makes you want to spend some time there: free wifi, table arrangements to accommodate both students and people who want to read a book peacefully. In addition, if you want to drink your favorite drink in express mode: you are given the choice of preferring car ordering for certain branches. The idea is to give your customers a choice according to the state of mind they find themselves in. In this sense, give them the choice to have quality time in your point of sale, or to buy their product in express mode if they feel the need!

Starbucks also offers products based on seasonality. In this sense, the customer experience in terms of products offered changes depending on the time of year. The legendary Pumpkin Spice Latté ’cannot be ordered in the middle of the summer season, which creates a particular craze during the fall season: people can’t wait to finally drink this favorite drink! Obviously, it is not possible for all companies to customize the service offering according to the time of year. However, it is worth asking yourself whether it is possible to offer something contextual depending on the time of the year!

What you can take away from Starbucks:

  • StarbucksThe personalization of the experience
  • Sense of well-being on the premises: warmth, great music, smiling staff.
  • Anniversary discount
  • It’s more than a product, it’s a moment.
  • Unique drinks according to seasonality


Great Customer Experience Example #6 : Costco

It’s fair to say that Costco offers a unique customer experience! In going to Costco, first of all, there is a certain feeling of exclusivity, because you have to be a member to be able to shop there. People like to feel exclusive! Think about that idea when you will note takeaways from great customer experience examples!

In terms of the customer experience offered, people appreciate Costco for many reasons: an offer of competitive prices for large quantities, a unique customer journey in the store that gives you the impression of living an adventure there, and the presence of free food tasting booths to try the products on site and more! Clearly, it’s fair to say that Costco is a Love Brand – a brand loved by many! This is a great customer experience example!

In fact, consumers appreciate the customer experience at Costco so much that the Facebook group “Costco Addicts” was founded. This is the perfect example of User Generated Content – content generated by brand ambassadors. It’s hard to imagine better publicity, right? In this group, enthusiasts share their finds and favorites and even go so far as to ask the opinions of others before purchasing a product. It just goes to show that the opinion of others is very important before making a purchase!

All in all, one of the winning factors at Costco is the uniqueness of the customer experience it offers. Its creators knew how to put in place a series of differentiating elements that now mark the collective imagination.

Some even go so far as to say they are going to ‘do their Costco’ instead of saying they are going to run errands. Definitely, it’s worth doing a competitive study to see what differentiators you can put in place within your business to create a great customer experience!

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What you can take away from Costco:

  • CostcoSense of exclusivity provided by the notion of membership
  • Competitive price for large quantities
  • The in-store layout brings a journey to life
  • Free tasting station to try certain products on site
  • The content generated by ambassadors is a gold mine to be promoted!




Finally, optimizing the customer experience is a perpetual job and not an end in itself. As a brand, it’s important to constantly question yourself about how you can make your customers’ lives more enjoyable.

Sometimes it can be interesting to take inspiration from certain brands that are great customer experience examples! While it can be a challenge to put such initiatives in place, the idea is simply to take inspiration from them and generate interesting thoughts to improve your customer experience. Keep our great customer experience examples in mind!

For your part, which brands have marked you because of the great customer experience they have offered you? You can also include them in your search on the topic!

With that, we wish you good optimization of your customer experience!

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